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My AC isn't working!

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It has been an amazingly mild summer so far for Texas. Today is pretty warm at about 91. My AC isn't working. Normally this means the filter has gotten sucked up into the unit. DH checked it at lunch and cleaned dust off the coils. It's HOT in here and there's no air blowing out. I've turned it off.

Cross your fingers for me, ladies! Last year we had repeated freon leaks and spent about $400 having them plugged and our unit recharged. I have NO money to spend on this right now!
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I feel your pain! We just gave up on our unit and ordered a new one. It just was not cooling very well at all (we're in Florida) and it was miserable! I am still pretty shell shocked by the cost of it all!

Hope you don't have to resort to that.
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I am in the same boat with the freon leaks and no money. We are getting by on two very small window units and fans right now. NOT working. I am trying to keep Tommy as cool as possible, but he cannot have a fan blow on him because it dries out his trach. Bleah, I hate summer!
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Funny you should mention that ours quit working today to. It just
blew a fuse though dh changed it and now it's working fine, have you
checked to see if maybe yours had blown one to.. Hope this helps.
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