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Homemade Baby Wipes

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One of the most frequently asked-for "recipe" on Mommysavers is the Homemade Baby Wipes recipe.

Baby Wipes
Make your own baby wipes. You need:
1 roll of Bounty paper towels
2-1/4 cups of water,
2 Tbsp. Baby bath or shampoo
1 Tbsp of Baby oil

Cut the roll of towels in half (an electric knife works well) and remove the cardboard center. Mix all liquid ingredients together, put towels in a container (an old wipes container or a round Rubbermaid container works well) and pour the liquid over top of the towels. When ready to use, pull the towels from the center.





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So who has made these?
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I've tweaked the process a bit over the years, but I've been making homemade wipes since my second child was a baby (six years or so).

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I made them quite a bit for my youngest and they worked great!

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Originally Posted by stephpook View Post

I've tweaked the process a bit over the years, but I've been making homemade wipes since my second child was a baby (six years or so).

Since you've been tweaking, do you have any tips?

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I haven't really tweaked the recipe any - it's the process that's been tweaked, and more because I'm a neat freak than anything. redface.gif


When I make my wipes, I do two rolls at a time (Bounty Basic) so I'll fill a 1/2 gallon pitcher with hot water and add 4T of baby soap and 2T of baby oil. I have a tall, square plastic container with a locking lid that I store them in. The electric knife I used to use to cut my wipes in half bit the dust awhile back and the one I bought to replace it shreds the edges of the paper towels like nobody's business and makes diaper changing time horribly messy. So instead of buying a new electric knife, I went back to the way I used to make my wipes which is to pull apart and stack all of the paper towel squares and then cut them in half with scissors. I fold a small stack of halves into thirds and tuck them into the plastic container until it's maybe 1/3 of the way full. Then I pour the soap and water solution over them until they're soaked, press out the extra water, set them aside, and repeat until I'm finished with the rest. They fit into the regular wipes containers and I just pull a few apart before I take the diaper off so that they're ready to use. I store the extras in the plastic container and replace as needed. 


It's a little bit more time consuming than just cutting them in half with an electric knife, but it's neater and therefore satisfies my innate need for order. biggrin.gif

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