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I got a bunch, I doubt I will remember them all but here goes:

3 toothpaste samples, colgate, sensodyne and aquafresh
a wooden 5x7 frame from an insulin company
2 diapers
OB tampons in a little carry case
pads from 3 different companies, always stayfree and kotex
2 poise pads (I used them for my period they work great)
tylenol pm (I use it daily to help me sleep through DH's snoring)
shampoo and conditioner samples 3 different ones
a plastic zip up travel case with heartburn and pain relieving products
Reynolds slow cooker bag
South Beach bar - 2
Goodys headache powder
Biz and gain laundry soap
Reach Flosser
Kashi TLC bar
Glucerna cereal free box coupon
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I got a teeth cleaning treat for my pooch,
pantene shine,
the childrens safety kit,
Calgon take me away sample and coupon,
A bunch of coupons from dial,
A coupon booklet from solutions for easy living its
got a bunch of great coupons,
and ladies i'm still looking for that reach flosser.
I love those.
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I got three today! Yea!
Clorox wipes
Secret deoderant
Aquafresh toothpaste
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I got a hormel coupon and my regular huggies coupons.... I just started signing up for more freebies
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Ooh, ladies got the secret clinical strength today and it smells so good that's all
I got but it smelled so good I didn't care. I just got a new deal of secret so i'm
going to wait to use it until its gone if i can wait that long.
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I got the OB tampons in the case. How cute! It came really fast!
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I got several yesterday:

the secret clinical deoderant
an always pad and coupon
aquafresh toothpaste
colgate toothpaste

I see everyone else is getting their OB and carrying case...I hope mine comes soon...I can't wait to see that cute little case!
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I got the sample of Hanes comfort soft panties that WalMart was offering.
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My 8 month old son got his very own Beechnut bowl in today.:happy dance: :happy dance:
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:happy dance: I also got the Hanes comfort panties from Walmart as well as a shampoo/conditioner sample!
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