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Help! Child Urine on the couch!

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I've been looking up suggestions, but they are all for pet urine, not from a child. (Is there much difference? I have no idea)

My son (in the 2 minutes he was without a diaper) wet on the couch. The couch is a microsuede, that cleans up nicely, the only problem is the odor!

Do I go with the usual vinegar?

Also, it is on a cushion, but hte inside is styrofoam, and it is the kind that is very difficult to get back in correctly. do I take it off and risk not getting it back on ?

Thanks for any advice! You guys are hte best!
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Vinegar!!! That worked for me a week ago! just use a spray bottle with 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water and spray it on and let it dry! The odor will be gone completely!!!
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Dont feel alone!! I woke up this morning and made coffee and sat down , looked over and saw a bare BUTT on my couch!!! Emmy must have got up sometime last night and pulled her diaper off and climbed on the couch and fell asleep!!!LOL> Needless to say she too WET my couch!!Yes good old VINEGAR...:happy dance:
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What we do for liquid stains is we dampen the area with either "awesome" (from the dollar stores) and then water, immediately followed by a shop vac treatment


We use fabric cleaner, water and shop vac


dampen a cloth, use laundry detergent and then towel down the area to dry
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Thanks everyone for the tips! It's much better already.

I appreciate your advice!

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Also, Kids and Pets is good! It has enzymes so it gets rid of odors. I get it at Walmart. The smell is real nice! If you try to find it it's usually on the bottom shelf and costs around 4 bucks.
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Vinegar and Febreeze
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This came from "Annie's Green Living Newsletter"

Biological Odors Many biological odors contain both alkaline and acidic components, hence the alternating of baking soda and vinegar. When in doubt for any biological odor, follow directions for "Pet Pee," below. Pet Pee – Vinegar and Baking soda, alternating. (Place white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it straight onto the pee assuming the area can handle moisture; let kit set for an hour or so before rinsing. Follow by sprinkling the area with baking soda. Mist the baking soda with water. Let it set for a few hours before vacuuming. Keep alternating until the odor is gone.)

I know when one of my cats started the war of pee (she lost and now lives outside!) that I used vinegar with a lot of success and I never tried the baking soda and water and I'm sure that would do wonders as well.
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Been there, done that. Vinegar and baking soda are awesome "green" deodorizers! They work well in the laundry too!
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I am so greatful to come across this discussion! :happy dance:

I have a 7 yr old Siberian Husky and she is now on thyroid medicine. She is peeing all over the floor in our basement. I need to get the smell out of our cement basement floor (as well as figure out how to get her to stop--she has always been an inside dog, but if she keeps this up, het butt is moving outside) I will try the vinegar trick. I am praying it works. The floor has radiant heat, so when the heat kicks on this winter, I don't want our entire house to smell like dog pee.

Has anyone tried this on cement?
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