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Sorry I am really late in on this discussion!!!! Well here is my responses!

Salty treat: pretzels, rice cakes- pretty much it.
Sweet treat: frozen grapes- yum yum! My favorite is my "mock" Strawberries and Creme Frap (starbucks of course)- it tastes so similar-but only around 130 calories (this will be my first healthy recipe I will post if Kim allows it!)!

Water intake- I am constantly drinking water- at first I would pee all the time but now- it's not too bad (it is just really bad during workouts- about 5 minutes of my hour exercising time is dealt with running to the bathroom !).

Fiber- I only will eat multi grain cereals, breads- I also eat a ton of vegies.

Nuts- I don't really care for nuts- but I will eat dry roasted almonds- like 12 on days I am really hungry. The occasional peanut every once in awhile.

Snack time- right after lunch- between 1-2 is when I crave the most now. I too stopped eating after 7:30 after watching Oprah- I am used to it now- sure there are times when I eat after that- but that is a rarity!

Welcome back to the exercising world Maggie! I bet you feel a ton better! As for the peanutbutter reese's cookies- they are all still here- in the box ready to go! Same with the blueberry muffins, macaroni salad, pasta salad (now that is a tough one for me!), chicken, 2 cakes (one is Angel food- yummy!)- so much more stuff! I just can't wait til tomorrow morning when it all leaves the house!
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Jen ,thanks so much for mentioning frozen grapes...I had tried them last year, but then had a tooth ache and never tried them again (Cold sensitive)...I'm going to give them a try again!

I got some good ideas and different alternatives here, thanks so much for the chat girls!!!
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