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Visitation pick up/drop off times...

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How do you feel about sticking to the agreed upon pick up/drop off times??

For example...if your children are to be picked up by the "non custodial parent" every Fri at 5:30....but they repeatedly show up do you or would you feel about that??

I can understand on occasion something comes up, but we are talking late EVERY time there is a pick up or drop off.
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this is a touchy subject for me. My ex was ALWAYS late...he picks up our son in the morning at 7 am so i can be to work at 730 am. Now that he has a girlfriend...she must do what i did when we lived together...kick him in the butt when his LOUD alarm goes off...which he has put across the room so he can wake up and not hit the snooze button. Luckily my work is VERY lenient on me being late. Like i said, its gotten better since he started dating his girlfriend....i have been and will always be on time if not early.
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My ex is constantly late.. He is supposed to pick up the kids at 5:45 on his visitation days and is consistently late, like more than 20 minutes each time. Yes, there are times, where he is on time or even a bit early, but few and far between. What would really irritate me is when he would drop them back off, he was even more 30-45 minutes late and sometimes even longer. I don't care if he cuts into his time with the kids, but please don't cut into mine.

So anyway, now I pick them up on Sunday evenings instead of him bringing them home, so I get them right on time.

Works out ok, except I have to drive to get them, but less headache making him tow the line of getting them home on time.
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We never agreed on a schedule. I knew he wouldn't bother making any time to spend with them and I was right. The first year he made 1 attempt a month, he saw them twice then either canceled, or forgot he made plans with them and never showed up. He eventually stopped making plans except at holiday times.
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Have you talked to him about being late and how its an inconvenience to you? Maybe mention that changing the time a bit may help him be on time? My ex is only late if he has to work late or work extra days and that happens a lot. Luckily, I dont work or have much of a life, I see it as extra time I get to spend with the kids.
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It seems to me there is a lack of responsibility on the other's part. I'd have to lay down the law. I'd tell him look I don't mean to be ugly but it is important you are there at 5;30
The kids count on you to be there. I do to seeing as they are my main responsibility.
If you can't call me to tell me ahead of time you are running late. Then I or such else will pick them up and you will just have to wait till the next friday.Since you're too busy to be on time.The kids are too busy to wait. Simply being on time or calling ahead would resolve this problem and we can remain peaceful.
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