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making your own it cost effective

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so i went on this website called hillbilly housewife and they have a whole weeks menu plan and shopping list that will run you 40.00 a week...she has homemade bread on you think that this is cost effective when you consider the time factor and gas used form the stove...what are your thoughts...also check out the website and let me know what you think...i think its cool but i don’t want the extra calories and all.
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I have refered to site a few times over the last couple of years. It is a good frugal one. The Magic Milkshake recipie is pretty good

While making your own bread may end up being cheap I personaly would rather buy my own not to mention I would be as big as a house with hm bread laying around all the time.
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For me it isn't because my DD has a very definate taste preference. HOWEVER, it is a good skill to know and can lead to other, more cost effective menu options. For instance, I haven't yet perfected my pizza crust recipe which is basically like making my own bread. Making my own pizza crust would result in a HUGE cost savings for me, if I could only end up with a product that I really like.

It is unfair to compare homemade bread to the cheapest bread in the stores. The cheapest commercial bread available is nothing like homemade bread. Instead we need to compare the homemade stuff to the specialty breads that we would tend to buy.

And it is nice to be able to make specialty breads for special occasions with some consistency, too. There are a whole host of inexpensive menu ideas that come to mind that use bread and a bit of leftover meat and veggies as the main ingredients.

Lastly, making my own bread could lead to stretching the budget just a bit, especially when there isn't cash for running to the store. Basic bread is nothing more than flour, water and a little yeast. With a little pre-planning I could make rolls for hamburger buns instead have to run to the store. That would be nice.
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I make a ton of bread, since my dd has food allergies and can't eat most store brands (which have soy in them). From a 5 lb bag of flour on sale for $1.69 or less, I can get how many- 5,6,7,8? loaves of bread in the bread machine. Setting up the machine takes less time than standing in the bread aisle reading labels. I use the timer we wake up to fresh bread in the morning- what a smell!
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I agree on the pizza dough - I haven't found a great recipe yet either! I don't make bread, but I have started making tortillas - they are so easy and taste so much better than the ones from the grocery. Definitely cost a lot less also, and because they taste so good and I can control how many I end up with, I don't throw them away like I always used to do with half the store bought bag!

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I went and got all the stuff for her basic bread recipe and then I realize that when you figure in the ingredients, your time, the cost of energy to make it, and the inevitability that sometimes it won't come out right, it's cheaper to buy the 99 cent bread at the grocery store.

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i dont have a bread it hard to do without one?
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No it isn't hard to make bread. What I have found to make my bread the consistency I want it is to make sure I knead it enough. Usually about 6 min is enough. I do end up buying bread at the bread store mainly because I can get the double fiber bread which is good for my weight watcher attempts. I do however make my own rolls, pizza crust, cinnaman roll/donuts(when I make them). I agree with momof2boys. Homemade bread is too much of a temptation for me when it comes to weating right. For those who can do it and not eat the whole loaf, it is very cost effective.
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I bake our own bread, except right now because it is so hot! For me it is a quality issue more than anything. I don't eat the $0.89 loaf out of the store and when I do buy it usually is the $3.90 organic loaf from Safeway. I like playing with the recipe and adding different things, nuts, berries, etc. to it. I also like knowing what is going into my bread which I can't always do that with something that comes from the store.

When I had the teenage boys living with us, every meal, just about included my recipe of french bread. This was the most simple recipe in the world and very cost effective when you were feeding three hungry boys! The boys are gone now and I think my husband and I are kind of tired of the bread but maybe come winter I'll start making it again!

I also make my own pizza / cazzone dough and tortias which again I find cost effective as well as a quality issue as well!
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It's well worth it for us as the store bought bread runs $3.59 a loaf since we won't eat enriched flour or high fructous corn syrup which is in most store bought bread. For us it's not only cost as a factor but also the health implications that are way more important.
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