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Aldi's or BJ's/Sam's Club?

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Do you save more money at Aldi's or by using a membership to Sam's Club or BJ's? I could spend an extra $10 in gas to drive 85 miles ONE WAY to Aldi's once a month, or drive 40-50 miles one way to get to a wholesale club store, where I would have to pay for a membership. Which would save me more money, do you think?
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Depends on what you tell you the truth, you're so far from both places, I don't know if any of them would be really worth it.
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I've found Aldi's cheaper than Sam's club. I would recommend for you because of the drive issues to do it every once in awhile as a pantry stocking.

I have never had a Sam's membership. I think they are kind of pricey unless you can get in on a company membership. I wouldn't have saved any money. I can find the same items at Walmart or Target for about the same price if not cheaper.
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I don't think I save enough at BJ's to make it worth that long of a drive plus membership. I would just try to save locally.
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If the long drive wasn't a factor I'd say Aldi's for sure. They don't charge you a membership, you don't have to buy huge quanities of things (that you may or may not like not to mention store in your cupboard). At Sam's I'd spend $30 and only get 3 things, at Alids the same $30 gets you a whole cartfull.
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I don't think either of them would be worth it for the drives, unless you were going there for other reasons. Gas would suck up any profits.

Cut those coupons, watch those sale ads. Try out different generics to see if you like! Try to have a couple of meatless nights. This could save!
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I know how you feel. I am too far from Aldi's as well. I have tried BJ's and Sam's and dropped the memberships. It isn't worth it. I can go to a regular store and stick to the specials and spend far less than the clubs.

When Aldi's was nearby, I could spend $20 for several bags of basics and then fill in at the regular store for another $20 or so and be good for a week.

Now I get near Aldi's a couple times a year and when I do I go ahead and stock up on the stuff that keeps. It doesn't hold me until the next trip, but I know that I am saving anyway.

A special trip that far just wouldn't be worth it with the price of gas.

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