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Best type of furniture for kids/pets?

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I am starting a new furniture fund. I am so tired of our old hand me down furniture. My Dh would be perfectly happy with crappy mismatched furniture, but I'm just not. It doesn't have to be top of the line, but I want sturdy, quality furniture that will last. (and look decent )

I want leather. I think it will age well and spills will wipe off. My Dh is so against it. He thinks the kids and dog will ruin it immediately and he doesn't want to spend that much.

My next choice is a sturdy cloth, but what?

What type of furniture (sofas, chairs, ottoman etc) do you reccommend?

I have 3 kids ages 7, 5, and 3 with one more on the way, and 1 big inside dog, and 1 cat.

Thanks for the help!

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Heck I was going to say, used!!! We decided we will NOT buy another expensive couch until my kids are grown. Right now we have a $30 garage sale couch in our living room and it is in just as good of shape as the $600 one in our family room!
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We bought a microfiber couch about 5 months ago and so far love it! We had plain old cloth before and even with the stain protector it got gross quick. We did pay the extra to have the additional stain protector put on this one, but so far no problems. We've spilled juice, milk, pasta and peed on it (2 year old DD not me!). ANd no stains! I haven't had to even call the company to come clean it, just used water and a white cloth and no problems.

I've heard good things about leather, but with 2 kids and a huge dog that likes to climb we decided leather wasn't for us.

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I would strongly recomend chenille. It cleans well, never pills or rips. I have bought others and have always been sorry, it's the only type I will ever buy again.
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If you get the Durapella by Ashely (microfiber) they will guarentee for life and if they can't clean it, they will replace it at they original value, not a depreciated value. My parents bought it because of all the grandkids. It's been peed on, puked on, wine spilled on written on in ink and all cleaned off no problem and it looks great!
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I love my leather furniture. It's so easy to clean, and I have two kids and two cats, including a sickly geriatric one. Fur doesn't stick to it. You don't have to spend a lot on it, but unfortunately, the lower priced ones do break down within 5 yrs - cushions start sliding, not as fluffy, etc. I've had quality problems with Viewpoint, but very few with Creative Leather.
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I would also go with microfiber. My MIL has one and everything comes off of hers. Also my girlfriend has one and she spilled massage oil on it and it came right out. I was shocked.
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I think either leather or microfiber would be great. A couple of my friend's have leather and it still looks beautiful. I have microfiber with additional stain protection. It worked awesome for quite awhile but now it seems to have losts its ability to repel stains. We are going to replace it.
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Okay, here is what I did in April...cause I was in your shoes!! I saved money in my paypal account from ebay...and was so disappointed when it just wasn't building fast enough..and I went to Big Lots one day and discovered their furniture dept. Did you know that Big Lots carries BIG NAME BRAND furniture store stuff?! It is mix matched pieces or overstock, etc. but it is usually first quality..and good stuff. We have an Ashley's Furniture here..and I got a LEATHER couch from Big Lots that still had the ASHLEY'S tag on it!! LOL I paid only $349 for the couch...and it was $1799 at Ashley's!! GO ME, GO ME!!! I was SO excited..and I have to say, with six kids and a cat, four months later, the thing still looks BRAND NEW. I cannot see it going downhill anytime soon...I am VERY impressed with the leather...and I was a cloth only person until now. Spills wipe right up, cat fur goes, crumbs can be dustbustered up, or just wiped off to vacuum...I have found NO downfalls to it. And as for matching...what I got is a black leather I can easily match any black leather furniture to it..and I would think you could do the same for any solid colored leather furniture. And, Big Lots did have more pieces to go with mine..just so happened that the loveseat they had to match it also had a scrape on it..and I didn't want to buy something already mesed up. So, anyhow, that is my two cents..and I hope it helps!
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Blessed with 6-
That is so funny, because I am selling on Ebay and saving in my PayPal account hee hee!

We do have a Big Lots furniture store here! I've never been in, cause I thought it would be cheapo stuff like we have now!

Thanks so much to you and everyone who has answered.
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