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Sore toddler testicles

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I was just changing my 22 month old son's diaper and his testicles were very sore. So sore that it was lifting him right off the changing table. I noticed that his testicles were smaller then normal and very hard. I coulodnt find anything in my "what to expect in the toddler years" book so I thought I'd try here.
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Oh gosh, poor little guy. I'd call my ped...
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He might have a twisted or undescended testicle - my son had that, around the age of 2 or so. Had to have surgery to fix it. It is very painful and needs to be fixed asap. You should call the pediatrician and get him in, he may need to see a urologist. Good luck and keep us posted.
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Hello~Ive just done a little research for you. It sounds like maybe a testicular torsion. It can be very serious and has to be repaired right away. Is he still in pain, can he walk around? Sorry dont mean to scare you! Or, maybe he fell on a toy or something and traumatized his scrotum. Also, mumps can cause pain in the testicles but it is uncommon for a child to have that symptom. Do you have a nursline you can call and do you have medical insurance? Keep us posted Im worried about the little guy. My 3yo son had to have surgery on his testicle when he was 1 because he had a hydrocele. Good luck!
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He is running around playing and the only ime it seems to bother him is during diaper changes.
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I'd still call asap. I don't think that's anything to mess around w/ as the ladies above mentioned.
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My ds had a problem with his testicles when he was small (don't remember exactly how old) and was in such pain we ended up having to take him to the ER. They did an ultrasound to make sure he didn't have testicular torsion. That is actually very serious. My ds's testicles were purple, hot and swollen. He ended up having to see a pediatric urologist at our children's hospital. If he continues to have pain you should call someone or see your doc or go to the ER. Hope he feels better soon.
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Poor little guy!! I hope he feels better soon. May I also add that it doesn't seem that long ago that you announced your pregnancy.....almost 2 years....dang.
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Originally Posted by Coral's mommy View Post

He is running around playing and the only ime it seems to bother him is during diaper changes.

My son wasnt in constant pain either - mostly when he was lying down (as in diaper changes) or in his crib to go to sleep. Standing up he didnt have a problem. I think the torsion is the same thing as twisted - not sure what the medical term was - but this sounds exactly like what my son had. It will cause serious and life long problems to the testicle if not fixed asap.
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Carrie, how is your son today?
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