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Lands End Winter Jackets

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We just got the Lands End Kids catalog yesterday. I LOVE their winter jackets this year. AND their "flurrys" which are velcro winter boots!!!!! I am so excited

Does anyone have an online code or anything? I'm taking the plunge today!
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No codes, but I love Lands End!! I got their catalog yesterday, too!

Can't say I have much use for anything past a winter coat and mittens, but their summer stuff sure gets used by us!! My dd has a lot of really cute Lands End outfits I got on e-bay this year.

Have fun shopping!
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You are brilliant! I never even thought to look on Ebay..and lo and behold I got both the boots and the coat for $45!!!!!!! I am so excited...more so than this morning!!!!

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Sears carries Lands End clothing, and they mark it down at the end of each season, I got my DD summer clothes for next year, 3.99 shirts, tank tops and shorts. This spring I got her a winter coat (LandsEnd) for 10.00.
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You might also check their website in the Overstock section. I ordered 2 pairs of fleece pajamas for Quentin from there last night. Both were $9.99. I've found some other good deals there too. How's this for strange, though, on one of the pairs of pjs, I could have ordered a toddler's 4T for $12.99 or the small (size 4, exact same measurements as the 4T) for $9.99. Needless to say, I got the small.
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I swear by LE for Outerwear.

I just got our (bought on our state's tax free day) as they never have coupon codes.

I've bought in the past from their overstocks & from Ebay. They are tried & true and durable from kid to kid, not to mention they really do not go out of style.

The thoughfulness of little things like reflective fabric and the little fabric over the top of the zipper so it doesn't freeze off chins is so appreciated by mother's.

If you are in the Madison WI area, go to their Not Quite Perfect store. Their inlets are great, but I really wish we lived closer to shop there a bit more frequently.

Like others said, Sears carries them as well, limited styles & sizes and I have found markdowns there as well.....but my favorite is that I can overbuy from the catalog, try on, and then return the extra to Sears.

You won't be disappointed....Linda
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