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Top Ideas for Saving Money Daily

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Let's all put our top ideas for saving money on a daily basis here. I'll start:

This is actually a tip I got from Neal Boortz. When you break a $5, $10, $20, or whatever and you get $1s back in change, don't spend them. Put them in a shoe box or jar or something and save all of your $1s. Use them for a vacation, for yard sales, whatever you want. You would be amazed at how fast it adds up!
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The way I have found that I save the most is that I stay at home. If I get out I end up spending a little here, a little there.
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If you have an account with bank of america, everytime you spend money on you debit card, they will round it up t the next dollar and put that amount intot he saving account.
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This is kind of a hijack on the going out post, where she mentioned that she spends a little here, there, etc., and stays home to save. I agree, and to follow this thread, would love to hear ideas on how to go out and still save $. Where, besides the park (it's too hot here) can we go? The zoo is good, if we bring out own drinks and food. The mall would be good, but we all get hungry and thirsty. I have the same issue. If I go out, even on errands, I always spend too much, and it does add up!
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We went to a gold mine near my house that is on the National Historic Registry. It was about two weeks ago and we took my dd who is 2 and our nephew who is 5 and DH's sister. Everything was free...all the exhibits, movie, and a short underground tour of the mine itself! Nephew LOVED it and the tour was only about 20-25 minutes so even dd was able to behave the whole time. They also had panning for gold (this was the only thing that we had to pay for, $2 for a bucket of dirt) and nephew loved that he found two gold flecks. They also had outdoor trails and picnic tables.
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I was going to suggest national parks and hiking trails, although I don't know if there is a fee nowadays to get into national parks.
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Here's my list of some things I do to save money on a day to day basis...

-keep shades drawn on East, West, and South sides of the house to keep it cooler.

-air is at 76 during the day and 75 at night ( I tried to keep it higher, but it is just too humid here)

-hang laundry to dry, this is not only a money saver but an energy conserver and it relaxes me to do this...there is also nothing like the smell of line dried sheets.

-we rarely eat out, I cook almost every day and it saves us a ton of money.

-coupon shop and stock up when items are on sale, then I make menus around what I have in the house...not the other way around.

-shop yard sales for my daughters clothes...I pay pennies on the dollar for her clothes. I keep a list in the car with larger sizes I have already bought to avoid overbuying of certain items in one size.

-I buy a lot of stuff secondhand. I go to estate auctions and yard sales and pick up high quality antique furniture for cheap and refinish it myself if needed.

-I have been known to peek in the magazine recycling dumpster when I drop off my papers and grab a stack to take home with me Don't's not filled with gross garbage...just tons of magazines that people don't want anymore. And, no, you don't climb in, usually it is full and you just reach in and browse. I call this "recycling"

-we use bath towels several times before washing them

-we have bartered for lots of goods and services...electrical work, produce, landscaping, babysitting. Don't be afraid to build a rapport with people in your community...especially small business owners or tradesmen. Just tell them what you have in mind, the worst they can say is no. is a great way to recycle things you don't need and you can receive things someone else doesn't need, all while keeping landfills a little less full.

-I have stopped and picked things up from by the road before...most recently was a old record player console that my sister cleared out and painted to put her tv on and store movies in. It looks AWESOME and was free.

-Aldi is great for buying staples and other things that don't go on sale very often at your regular grocery store. The quality is good and prices are very cheap.

-Go to the library for books, movies, and books on tape for long trips. I can't tell you how much money I had been spending on books and movies that I read and then didn't want to read or watch again. Make sure you take your children, and encourage a love of reading. My dd is two and her favorite place to go is the library! She sits in a beanbag chair and "reads" (out loud, but quietly) to herself. She LOVES it!

-When we do get takeout food we usually get chinese and either eat early to get the lunch prices or get one meal and all share it. Dh, myself, and dd can share a combination meal and still have leftovers. It usually costs less than $9 for the three of us.
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This isnt strictly everyday but once each season friends get together ans swap clothes and accessories they dont need or it wasnt a good luck on them.
Its a great way to get new outfits, for work etc, party clothes too and have a few glasses of wine and a good night in. Since we all work in different places no one else is going to know you dresed from a swap around party!

Ditto with childrens toys they have outgrown or lost interst in. Its good to swap round and can save a lot of money that way.

trade your skills with your friends a real barter system and it can work. It can be as simple as a chld minding swap for an afternoon. Do what one set of friends did, one is an interior designer, who swapped with another friend for two hours legal work, who swapped with another friend for a gardening session. That circle is never ending and it works really well. You all have talents you dont take seriously and this is one way of doing it and saving money too

Grow some veggies you can do that even in the smallest garden or patio. Swap cuttings with friends to expand your garden.

Just a few thoughts!!

Annie thats a brilliant idea to start a thread on this we can all learn from each other Im really looking forward to reading other ladies posts

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Originally Posted by View Post

Annie thats a brilliant idea to start a thread on this we can all learn from each other Im really looking forward to reading other ladies posts

Anne - don't thank me, thank Spoodler! It was her idea!
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One thing I have started doing recently to save money is packing a small cooler with drinks and snacks in the car when I know we are going to be out for a while. That minimizes us from stopping somewhere and picking up something quick to drink or eat.
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