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i too, keep foods in the car so we dont stop while we are out. Not only does it help to save money but keeps us healthier as well.
My fav to keep in the car are protein bars
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thanks for sharing....
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[QUOTE=desertmom;39902] would love to hear ideas on how to go out and still save $. Where, besides the park (it's too hot here) can we go?

The library! You can ask them to start a story time for a particular age group if they don't have one, or maybe a group where the kids also do a craft (be sure to volunteer to help.) If they have meeting rooms, you might be able to start a free kids&parents class in a foreign language, or even a book club for a particular age group.
Some recreation departments have free open gym days, which usually seem to involve basketball games. Your county may offer 4H clubs at various age levels. (There are usually club dues, but not high ones.)
Take lunch to a friend's house (take turns.)
If there are museums of any kind near you, find out when they have free days. Or join a museum that belongs to the reciprocal membership program, so that you can get into hundreds of museums for one membership payment. (If you travel, this is a must!) Gail
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There are some great ideas on here! Thanks!

I don't know if anyone mentioned this but one thing I do is I STOPPED using fabric softner, not only do I save on the not spending on the fabric softner, but I save on clothes as we'll. I have found that the fabric softner does what it is supposed to but clothes become too soft and break down easier.
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I wash out bread bags when they're empty, and use them for my husband's lunches or kids' snacks. I really save on baggies!
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When the kids were little, we survived on one income. I had many money-saving tricks, but I'm going back to an old one: quit using zip bags and use plastic containers instead.
I had a round rubbermaid one that was the same size as my waffle iron, so I'd use all the pancake mix and freeze the leftover waffles---now I was making my own frozen waffles!
I bought a huge number (more than I will use, I think) in a box at BJ's for only $19.99. I'm going to use the tiny ones for packing my favorite snacks, Pep. Farm goldfish. There is a divided plate in the grouping for my lunches. The others, of all sizes will be used for leftovers and for taking food to work.
Over time, I lost the matching lids and bowls of all the old plastic containers. I decided that I could use the $1 coupon I found on line and splurge for this package, just so I could have reusable, dishwasher-safe, microwavable containers.
now I just have to train the DH... ;-)
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Originally Posted by anniebananie View Post

Let's all put our top ideas for saving money on a daily basis here. I'll start:

This is actually a tip I got from Neal Boortz. When you break a $5, $10, $20, or whatever and you get $1s back in change, don't spend them. Put them in a shoe box or jar or something and save all of your $1s. Use them for a vacation, for yard sales, whatever you want. You would be amazed at how fast it adds up!

When I first met my husband about 12 yrs ago, he did this!!! I was so impressed by it because he had like $800!! That was until I found out he saved it as his football gambling $$.. He'd save that much every year and use it throughout the football season. But catch your breath now, he doesn't do that anymore. -married and 2 kids later..
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Originally Posted by Adda15 View Post

I'm with you on this one. I started using all the nice cloth napkins that I was saving for special occasions and have saved a ton on paper products. My thought is, that every day we are on earth, happy and healthy IS a special occasion!

I have also been known to save the Bounty paper towels that I do use, if they were only used with water. EX. to try washed lettuce. They are so strong and if barely used, dry in a matter of minutes. They then can be used to wipe up spills etc. and don't have as much of the guilt for throwing it away. I've had some strange looks from friends, but they don't pay my bills, I do!

I thought I was the only one who did this.. My husband thinks I'm crazy for doing this. If I use a paper towel to dry my hands, I save it in a small drawer. I then reuse it to either dry my hands again or to wipe a spill. My dd 2yo has caught on to the stash in my drawer and she uses them to clean out play cups (now she's wasting them!!! LOL)..

I also reuse my dryer sheets until they are no longer "crispy". I might have 15-20 dryer sheets in my dryer at any given time. I'll go thru them once in a while and get rid of the softer ones-but I might start using them for dusting like someone else mentioned.

I use grocery bags in my bathroom trash bins. This adds up fast. Sometimes we'll have 6 or 7 groc bags and only one real kitchen garbage bag in our trash container on trash day.

We go to state parks and pay $4/car for a day of hiking and nature trails but they also have camping, beaches, fishing and other free activities. And we pack snacks and drinks.

I use the end of a bar of soap all the time. My husband could easily just throw it out but I attach it to a different bar of soap and just use it that way and keep adding to it.

We stay home a lot just like other ladies mentioned and because of this, I only buy my dd one or two shoes for each size!! I rarely buy her any clothes and she's 2 1/2. Freecycle has been great for her clothes as well as my 5 mo ds. I've only purchased 2 clothing items for him. The rest has come from family or freecycle. -I know that has saved us a bundle!!!

I've started doing all of my banking/bill pay online. no more stamps, envelopes or checks to purchase. I also go thru my junk mail and save the envelopes to scribble things on or use for groc lists or other notes. Will start saving the one sided paper for online coupons.. - Deals on neighborhood restaurants. $25 Restaurant Certificates for only $10! to pay $10 or $15 for a $25 gift cert to participating restaurants. This can be really good if you pair it with a bogo deal!
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Originally Posted by Practical Mom View Post

I'm amazed with the money saving tips! I was raised in a different culture so I thought people in America don't care about saving money. Anyway, I'm a newcomer (here in Mass) and about to move into a new apartment. Starting from nothing -- as in no chairs, tables, couch, etc. Can anybody advise me on where to shop? After reading your messages, I'm ready to shop for secondhand furniture (initially, I didn't want to) so long as they are in good condition. I need more tips... tips on setting up our new apartment and spending less. Thanks!

You should definitely check out The Freecycle Network. Garage sales of course and might work well for you too.
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Originally Posted by kmGA View Post

How much do you typically spend on the power bill this time of year? I am wondering b/c we just got our bill and it is $146! I just think that's too much! We are scaling down so I can quit my job and stay at home and with power bills like that we won't make it! I know the obvious: turn off lights, unplug stuff etc. We have a programmable therm. and it has been set at 77. We are BURNING UP though! We live in GA so it is hot this time of year and only getting hotter. We feel like something might be wrong with it. We are in a new to us house and it has a new AC/heat system. What are we doing wrong?? I will say that I use the dryer a lot. I am going to buy some clothes dryers to see if air drying cuts it back. Please give me suggestions as to what I am doing wrong here. I really want to make staying home a reality and my hubbie is not going to go for it if we can't pay our bills! I have gotten great ideas so far from this site so please keep them coming!

Maybe you need to whetherproof your house a little?? Drafty windows and doors??
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