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WI moms -- Lands End Warehouse Clearance?

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For you other WI mommies -- have any of you been to the Lands End warehouse clearance event (this year's is Aug. 1-6 in Dodgeville, WI)? It sounds interesting, but it would be about a 90 minute drive for us, so I'd rather not make the trip if it isn't worth it.

Here's the link.
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Hmm, it sounds like it could be good, but I've never been either. It would be probably 2 hours for me to drive there.
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I have never been to this one but have been to the ones they have in the stores and it was soooo worth it. I got pants for UNDER $1.00. If I can convince dh I will go. I get my backpacks from LAnds End and alays wait until the BIG sale. tthey have one similar in the stores usually in march, but last year they didn't have enough merchandise so they cancelled it. maybe this is the new sale?

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the only Lands End sale I have been at Sears. I was just there and all the LE swimsuits were 40% off.
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There is a lands end "inlet" store at the outlet mall in Oshksoh. I wonder if they have a sale there. I don't shop there very often.
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Yeah, we have an inlet at the outlet mall that's about 8 miles away, and I got Quentin's school backpack there last year when they were having a back-to-school sale. I get the impression that this one is a lot bigger, since it is advertised on their website & I got a flyer in the mail too. Pants under $1 sounds good, though, since their stuff tends to hold up well. Both boys will need new winter coats, so that's one thing I was thinking I could look for there.
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are you close to Oshkosh WImomof2?
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No, I'm in Lake Mills (close to the Johnson Creek outlet mall).
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I am replying to the question on whether or not it is worth the trip. I actually used to work at the distribution center in dodgeville a few years ago. This sale is the SALE of the year! If you have kids in sizes 4T-16 kids it is so worth it. Bring a lot of money because if you are anything like me you will start to grab and not stop. There is EVERYTHING from bedding to towels to mens clothing to shoes to womens clothing and all else in between. I love going I just don't want to drive by myself. So maybe next year I will go. But it is so worth the trip. My advice though is to not take your kids with you it is so much better with friends and not having to worry about the little ones. I t is very crowded specially on the first and last day. They also have local vendors each day selling concessions so you know that money is going to a good cause. Any questions about the area let me know, maybe I can answer them
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WOW! I wish it was a bit closer!!
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