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No scrap room here...just a corner of my dining area which is actually just an area of my kitchen. I have a pie safe in the corner that I store lots of my stuff in and then a rolling drawer cart on the floor beside it. There's also a metal shelf in the utility room (just off of the dining area) where I keep the rest of my stuff. I've tried to downsize and actually have a huge scrapbooking lot on eBay right now of stuff I've cleaned out so I could get it all in the corner in the dining area. It's not the most attractive thing in the world, but hey, we never have company anyway!
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BTW...IF I ever get it all organized, I'll take pics of all of it!
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well mine is either in the Livngroom on my kids table (perfect height sitting at the couch)
or it is at the kitchen table!!I have started getting the girls invovled they have there wonn books and do them!! they are 5 and 7!! my kids have always been good about gettin in my stuff!! even at 3 they knew better!!!
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