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AUGUST Mail Call

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What great Freebies or Samples did YOU get in the mail today????

Tell us here................................
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so far this month i got... the 3 pack of kids socks, the just one more pack,samples from pantene,ob and case and playtex!!!!:happy dance:
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I got a free can of sheba wet cat food in the mail yesterday, didnt even sign up for that one!! :happy dance:
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poise pads today... my husband cracked up
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I also got the free can of sheba the other day and di not sign up for it.
Coupons for a free pack of camel cigs came today
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yesterday we got a sample of the staph antibiotic cream that someone linked here a few days ago.

and a meijers special reward card for the next month that will save me $25 over the next 4 weeks :D
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vcf contraceptive film, john frieda secret weapon, and a hanes kids tape measure.
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yesterday was south beach diet bar
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Yesterday I got 2 tshirts from Sprint, pack of stride gum (fruity flavor), 2 laundry coupons & a coupon for free pack of dog food - I think that was it.
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Ooh, Ladies got my free slow cooker sample, has coupon, and recipes with it. NICE!
Got axe body wash for dh pretty good size sample, auro socks good socks they actually stay on my boys feet and are easy to mate. YEAH! Oh thanks to Allgirls for the info as where to buy. I appreciate it. Also got some tooth paste, fizzease. :happy dance: OOps forgot got the delmonte pack to it's got good stuff to.
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