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I got the "Just One" pack and it was wonderful! It had a pedometer, packet of tuna, coupons for about $10.00 worth of stuff, a bracelet and more...It was one of the best and most useable feebies I have gotten to date!!!:happy dance: :happy dance:
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I got the Johnson @ Johnson pack it has great samples, coupons, and a booklet in it. It's pretty neat. I got the soothing care gel from monistat. Its a good size sample. Nice. And i got a coloring book for the kiddies. Yeah. :happy dance:
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I got my coupons from calling purex and some poise and tena pad samples that I'm going to pass onto my mom.
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today was the monistat cream, folgers coffee & hanes kit tape
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I got dove hand soap, the tapena skewers pretty cool, and the wine poster, plus a poster and coloring book for the kids. Yeah!
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So far I've received 2 different Tampax tampons, Pampers Swaddlers, staphaspetic stuff, and child safety "kit."

I'm actually starting to get disappointed when something doesn't show up in the mail!
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Got dh new razor it's a real good one plus the kids some learn to grow cards great questions and such on it for them to play with! Yeah!
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I got listerine whitening strips yesterday
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Today I got the Gold Bond Powder sample, that came with a $2.00 off coupon!!

The other day I got those Lafresh wipes!
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Gotten so much already... besides the Grand Prize win (woohoo).... got the tapas skewers, 25 activity/ coloring books about the DNA and genes (gonna give them to Morgan's school), Dove Hand wash, Kahlua personalized labels (very cool!), diff shampoos and conditioners, perfumes, a board game that helps kids to discuss how to stay away from drugs and alcohol, a few Sesame Street coloring books... some herbal remedies, some Stop Pain spray... a 7 day pill case, a box of click pens.... a BUNCH o stuff (obviously....)

I agree with MilesMommy.... a day without freebies in the mail? GASP !!! Say it isn't so....
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