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pet peeves!

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I want to know what are your pet peeves? What really annoys you? My number one
pet peeve is someone smacking so loud while they eat. That it sounds like a cow chewing on gum. I can't stand it.
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Bad table manners really bother me (esp licking of fingers)...and I know gum isn't considered food but I think gum is just a gross habit, I've never seen anyone chew it 'well'.
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Too many!!

When people pass gas or burp without saying "excuse me"
Drivers who do not use their turn signal
Drivers who drive really slowly in front of you, speed up when you get to a passing zone, then slow down again when you can't pass them anymore
When people (in my household) who leave dirty dishes in the living room
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Oh these types of threads always generate interesting responses

Mine are

1) hard butter
2) biking and running against the wind
3) people who answer call waiting when you have called THEM long distance
4) people who answer call waiting PERIOD but especially #3 (unless it's an emergency or they tell you they are waiting on that call....)
5) people who play the victim and do NOTHING to make their problem go away
6) people who always have a worse story than you have just told (and offer no support)
7) when dh puts the dirty laundry ON TOP OF the laundry hamper (the lid must be too heavy)
8) people who are late and don't call to say why
9) people who don't RSVP
10) people who have so much to say, have an opinion on everything, interupt others when they speak and never ever listen
11) people who drive while talking on the cell phone
12) people who drive slowly in the left hand lane and refuse to move over
13) people who do not move over to allow traffic to merge onto the high way
14) people who see you sitting at an intersection or the end of a parking lot, waiting to turn left. There is no traffic coming or going except the car approach you. He sees you are clearly waiting on him to pass so you can make a left hand turn , and they at the last minute turn just before where you are...and the traffic is suddenly thick at that moment when it wasn't before so you have to continue to sit and wait for ANOTHER clearing.
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I cannot stand it when someone blows their nose at the table while others are eating. I have gotten up and cleared my plate at Thanksgiving after one of my dad's friends blew his nose at the table just as i was about to put a forkfull of green bean casserole into my mouth (and we all know what green bean casserole resembles) UCK,,,,i was done eating that day!

People who block their mailboxes and expect me to get to their mailbox to put their mail in...........what do they think i drive, a Hovercraft?
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People who don't start writing their check until the total rings up at the grocery store!!!

Why not start writing in all the other info while they are ringing up your total? Why in the world are you still writing checks anyway? Don't even get me started when they try to balance their checkbook after their groceries are bagged up and it is my turn to move up. One of these days I am going to plow someone down with my cart. :happy dance:
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Holy cow Christy!! I would say you put a little thought into your list!!

Bad grammar bugs me.
Typing without punctuation or capitalizations.
Parents who make no attempt to control their children.
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Originally Posted by Happymom View Post

Bad grammar bugs me.
Typing without punctuation or capitalizations.
Parents who make no attempt to control their children.

Oh, Happymom, I am so the Republican version of you! I was going to put the same list, pretty much, except the typing without punctuation or capitalizations was going to be on top.
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OK you ladies are cracking me up. I hate hard butter also--just tears apart the bread.

People who talk on cell phones while waiting in a check out line. Put the darn phone down and pay so you can get out of my way.
2. Parents who let their kids walk up the slides.
3. Old people who can't see over the steering wheel and people driving while talking on the cell phone.
4. People on bicycles who don't follow the rules like they should. Stop means stop--even if you are on 2 wheels.
5. People who come to a complete stop before getting in the turn lane.
6. People who abuse the system and expect hand-outs.
7. Drunk drivers.
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It drives me crazy when I know I am going to arrive late for an appointment.
People on cell phones while in line at the check-out or fast food line
People who park their shopping carts in the center of the aisle to look for something
People who walk down the middle of the aisle like they have NO place else to go that day!
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