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How have your kids embarrassed you?

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I love hearing these stories, and I know I'll have a few of my own in a few years. My sister's 4-yr-old ds one time asked her very loudly if she needed some KY Jelly like that lady on the commercial while in the store. What has happened to you to make you want to crawl into a hole and die??
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Not to long ago I was trying to wheel in the trashcan from the curb and also carry in the recycling tub all at once. I didn't realize that Riley (she will be four in January) was right behind me and I accidentally wacked her in the head with the recycling bin. Well she started crying like crazy. I drop the bin and the trash can, pick her up and try and console her. When she settles down and I can confirm there is no immediate injury, I ask her to help Mommy push the trash can while I carry the recycle bin.

As soon as I bend down to pick up the bin, she starts yelling "Please Mommy! Please don't hit me again! Please don't hit me again!!!" Naturally the entire neighborhood is outside at this point. I keep telling her, "I'm not going to hit you. It was an accident. You are OK." But she keeps at it, "Please don't hit me! I just couldn't take it again!!" Nice, eh? My very own little drama queen.
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LOL That is hilarious!! I think we are all "child abusers" at some point with our kidos.

When my son was about 3 we went to a softball game for a friend of our girls. He and I went to get sno cones at the concession stand. Well, I am standing there w/ him beside me waiting for our order. I look down to check on him and he is no longer beside me. I look up and he is about 8 ft away with his shorts down around his ankles urinating in the middle of all the people. I was mortified!

We live in a very small community. (it's right next to a a mid-sized town) So needless to say, I got to hear about it at school and everywhere else for a few weeks after.
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I can't say that I've ever really had an embarrassing moment....yet.

But NOTHING that my kids would ever do to ME would compare with what my sisters' youngest did to HER! (More MORTIFYING than embarrassing, really....)

When my nephew, who was in kindergarten at the time, was asked to fill out a questionairre about his Mother he was asked questions about her favorite thing to do, what he wished his Mother would do with him more often, etc. Then came the question, "What is your Mother's favorite driink?". His answer: "Beer!!" Talk about an embarrassing moment!! I'd bet she got a strange look from that teacher the next time she saw her!! What a wake-up call!!
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Mine usually happen in public bathrooms. The latest was "mommy, why do you have a white string coming out of your butt".
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YES!!! My 3 year old and I were watching DD1 at gymnastics about two months ago. There were three other mommies there and one of them had just had a baby about 4 days prior to this incident...

My three year old told me "You're beautiful mommy" then, went to the next lady and said you're beautiful too! Then, to the next lady (the one that JUST HAD THE BABY) and said "you're fat and not beautiful" I was so MAD! I was Embarrased and couldn't BELIEVE my daughter said anything like that! I didn't know what to do! I told DD2 to say sorry and I sat there being furious at DD2 for being so MEAN. Lucky for me the lady with the new baby has a three year old too and hers has said some pretty crazy things to people too, so she "understood" as she put it.
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OMG...let's see here.....

1. My oldest used maxi pads as stickers all over the WALLS when we had company over.

2. My niece was in the stall with my sister in a public bathroom, and when my sister sat down on the toilet, my niece said LOUDLY..."Mommy, your hiney is so big it covers the WHOLE seat!!!!"

3. My dd standing up at a softball game, with her hands on her hips saying, "Daddy Holland, are YOU gonna' get that dirt stain out of those pants?"!! LOL I thought it was hilarious. Dh didn't!!

4. One of my children adding the brother "Brian" to a family tree she made in kindergarten. The teacher had them all on the wall for open house...and came to me and said, "I didn't know you had an older son!!". I DIDN'T!!! LOL I about died.

Oh my....I could go on and on and on with these!!!
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Every Monday afternoon my 4 year old DS and I go to the library. Last week while we were there he had to go to the bathroom. I took him in the ladies room. Well it stunk. We're in there and he keeps saying (loudly) "It stinks in here. Did someone poop?" Since it echoes, I'm sure people could hear him outside the bathroom. I told him to be quiet. He does his business and washes his hands and as we are exiting the bathroom he says in that loud, 4 year old voice "Mom, which lady do you think did that?". Everyone looked at us. I just grabbed our books and checked out.
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I can only remember my son finding a glow in the dark condom my dh bought at a gas station while on the road (he wanted to surprise me with it) but dh left it on the nightstand instead of keeping it out of ds's reach. Ds came downstairs while my mom was visiting and asked me to blow up the balloon he found.Yeah, that was fun trying to explain to my mom!
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These are great!! Well how about that, I didn't know they even made glow-in-the-dark condoms!
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