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Good Lunchbox & Thermos??

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I have a hard time with the thermos or water container leaking or even fitting in the kids lunch boxes. I have the old style thermos and that leaks, I also have a Target Nalgene knock off bottle and that leaks. I don't know if the kids just aren't getting them on tight or it's because they lay flat. Probably both.

I've considered buying the insulated lunch boxes that have the plastic water bottle with it's on insulated cover attached to the outside of the lunch box. It is supposed to sit upright. I wonder if this will work better.

I also have the old plastic style lunch boxes and some of the square zippered insulated coolers. It seems those tend to get icky because the water gets all inside.

What does everyone else use? I've seen the lunch laptops and they are really cool but I can't spend that kind of money for three kids.
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No matter what my kids will put their lunch boxes upside down. I use the thermos funtainer containers. theese are what I use.
Thermos - Thermos Funtainer Bottle And Food Jar Assortment | 23224A-P

I have not had a problem.

I also use this for milk. The part that holds the milk can be put in the freezer the night b4. It stays frozen for a long time. My kids have even complained that the milk froze in the container.
Cereal-on-the-Go at BrylaneHome
The problem is more the kids. If they don't close it properly there will be a spill.

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I like the looks of that cereal/milk container. I might have to try that for my kids.
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I have 3 kids myself and lunchkits and thermoses can get expensive. We bought a few of Walmart's version of those Nalgene bottles for drinks. The lids screw on tight so no leaks. They don't have the sport top, but I'll trade that for a dry lunchkit anytime. I did buy some of those soft insulated lunchkits a couple of years ago and I like them because I can throw them into the washing machine if I need to.
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Be careful of some of the Nalgene knock-offs. I bought the breast cancer awareness bottle at Target and it worked great for some time, but it ended up getting a crack in the threads at the top of the bottle where you screw on the lid, then a couple of days ago, the whole top of the bottle just crumbled! I heard it making a noise as I screwed the lid on and when I opened it, it just fell apart! I've never had that with the Eddie Bauer or Nalgene brands. They have never leaked for me.

I do have to say that cereal and milk thing is mightly clever! I'll bet my DS would love that at school!
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