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BB Amber--anti Jew comments??

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I saw this video of Amber on Big Brother on the internet today. And this is the girl who cries because she just "loves everybody so much".

AOL Video Blog
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I don't watch BB, but that is pretty stupid to do that KNOWING you are on national TV.
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Jameka is probably laying there wondering what kind of stereotypes Amber believes about African-Americans. What an idiot. Now I have an even stronger dislike of her. What a hypocrite. She pretends be all holier-than-thou and then drops the F-bomb and stereotypes like it's nothing.

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Do you think she kisses her little girl with that mouth? Holy Cow!!! I watched a couple of the other videos at the bottom, I am disgusted with her now.
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I've never watch BB and now I know why. Did this chick forget she was on tv or is she just that stupid (and apparently bigoted as well?). Good grief! And she has a kid? Lovely. Now she can pass down the stereotypes her mother passed on to her down another generation. Where do they find these people?
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They find some of the trashiest people for this show.
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I swear on my daughters life, I won't go back on my word! OH MY GOODNESS! What a witch!
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I don't watch BB but watched the clip. Ugh, what a nasty person she is. She reminds me of some women I've known and how good it feels to get those people out of my life.
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Amber is just a wack job. She went off on Eric and said she never lied.....she told him he was the reason Nick was kicked out....SHE IS THE REASON NICK GOT KICKED OUT!! She was the first one to bring it up to Dustin to put Nick up on the block. She even said they were going to back door Nick. She lies all the time.

If she plays with her necklace one more time i'm gonna choke her with it. It's soooooo annoying.

Also i'm sure no New Yorkers will like her either because she was bad mouthing them too.
I bet she'll be upset with Dustin now for not booting Eric out. Poor Dustin will have to put up with her crap now.
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