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BEST coupon deal ever??

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What is the BEST deal you have ever gotten in combination with store sale and coupon??
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Well, I've just recently found out about how to do combo coupons, rebates, etc....

And so far, the BEST deal I've had was when in July I went to Walgreens and bought 4 jars of (Jiffy?) peanut butter @ 4 for $10, then used their rebate program, and yesterday rec'd my Walgreens card with $5 on it. So, two of the jars ended up being free. Does this count?

Then, a little while back, I used two manuf. coupons to get Venus razors. Each pack of 3 cost just under $6. One coupon was for $3 off when you buy one, and the other was a BOGO. So, I got 6 Venus razors (that I wouldn't have bought otherwise) for $3!! It would have cost me over $12 without the coupons!

Are you looking for examples of when using coupons you ended up getting stuff completely FREE? I don't think I've done that yet. But I'm working on it!
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A long time ago, Harris Teeter had the small box of Cheerios on sale for 99 cents with a $10 purchase. It was a limit of two, but you could get two for every ten dollars you spent (I think they have since changed that policy). I had 10 50 cent coupons, which they then doubled, so I got ten boxes of Cheerios for free. It is still my best deal ever.

Of course, even with a 4 year old and a baby I couldn't go through them that fast, so 6 boxes ended up going to the food bank the next month.
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just recently I had my normal coupons and combined that with the meijers sales, and happened to catch a 10% off your total grocherie purchase coupon in the middle of the week flyer, so all that saved me $80 in total off my whole order :D
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CVS starting today has Shick Quattro razors for $2. In the Valassis coupon insert (Which I didn't get this week GRRRRR) there is a $2 off Quattro coupon. Free razor! Luckily I was able to purchase some from coupon clippers, even the cost of the coupon is still cheaper than a single refill with the ungodly prices they charge.

Right now CVS is running an ECB deal for the OneTouch Mini Glucose Monitor. Limit 5, month long promotion. Unit costs $19.99, there was a coupon out in June for $20 off (has to get manager override down a penny), making the unit free. Then get $10 ECB back. Do this 5 times, profit $50, donate monitors to a grateful charity.

Also the blinkie machines from SmartSource often have $1/2 General Mills coupons, with no size restriction. Right now I think it's just $1/2 Cherrios specific. Publix & Winn Dixie have the individual boxes for 2/$1... after coupon, free!
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Just last week I got a great deal on Pampers at Target. I had a 10.00 off coupon for Pampers (P&G sent it to me as compensation for past problem with thier product) and a web coupon for 3.00 off so the box of 72 size 4 pampers was 17.59-13.00 =Just under 5.00 for a box of diapers. Sadely I doubt I'll be able to get that good of deal agian. But I will keep my fingers crossed
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