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Grocery Game

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I recently learned about The Grocery Game. (Coupons, Grocery Coupons -

Unfortunately, we live in a rural area and I'm not sure that this will work for us. I wondered if anyone else has any information or is a member and can share some helpful information? Can you benefit from their lists without being able to use the specific lists from the stores?

I'd like to see a savings in our grocery bill, but in all honesty I don't think that I can commit the time to grow a coupon dynasty!

Any advice will be a helping hand!

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I believe there is another website, I think it might be, Someone correct me if I'm wrong. You can join for free, and it also has the shopping list and coupon list for stores in your area that you can view for free.
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I've recently learned that Grocery Game doesn't get the lists out until like Sunday or Monday, which would never fly with me... I'd have it all figured out myself by then, considering my sales end on Tuesday!
post #4 of 14 has some stores for each state. Its free too.
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I'd love to try Grocery Game, but the only grocery stores available that are technically in my area are at least 40 minutes away -- not an option for me and my toddler who hates to sit in a carsesat. If you're willing to do the work yourself, you can apply the same principles. I gather Grocery Game is a matter of keeping track of price cycles, matching low price times to manufacturers' coupons, and developing a stockpile. For a little more work, you can pay attention to rebates and the like.
Couponmom has even fewer grocery stores in my area.
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I check another coupon (Not sure if okay to post the link. Mods, feel free to remove if it's not.) I really like it and it lists a lot of stores. It's people from all over posting deals they find at various places.

*PS if the mods removed the link, just PM me.

Happy shopping!
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I also check the same site Bsteen checks. It is very helpful.
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this one looks promising, thanks!
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I did the grocery game, then tried it my own and I just went back to the grocerygame. What you save definately is worth the $. I have gotten so much for free, it's unbelievable. I use lists from a grocery store and a Walgreens. The grocerygame also post unadvertised deals. You could always try the trial and see if you like it. Or just sign up for the message boards for free, you can get alot of info that way too.
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I just signed up for the free trial and I must live in too rural of an area, because out of the 5 grocery stores in my area, only 1 is listed. All of the drugstores are on there, but, all of the deals listed for this week I had already figured out on my own anyway.
I think the biggest part is the time saving, so I could see where that would benefit me, but it was 10 bucks for one store, each store after that is 5 bucks. I think I will end my trial after the 12 weeks and just do it on my own. Just my thoughts...from the newbie to the board! :-)
Happy Friday,
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