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De-weeding flower bed for next year

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So, about a month ago we pulled 3 HUGE bushes out of a flower bed next to our house. Well now there are weeds growing everywhere in the bed.

We haven't decided what to do with the flower bed next, so we will probably wait until next year. What suggestions do you have for de-weeding this area so it has a fresh start? Should I use weed killer? Should I put down landscaping fabric and cover with some mulch? Thanks, I am a novice when it comes to this kind of stuff!
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I personally like the product PREEN for weed control. If you pull all of the weeds from the roots, this prevents new weeds from forming for about 3 months. It is in the garden section, and has helped me tremendously with weeding. I would suggest pulling the weeds, putting this down, and then if you plan on mulch in the garden, go ahead and put mulch down for added protection from pests such as slugs until you are ready to use the garden. Also, this time of year is GREAT for finding sales on perennials. If you check in garden centers for a clearance table, you can plant them now, and reap the rewards next year! I also find 1.00 perennials at my local public market. Just a thought...
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Preen normally only helps with new weeds that come from the top (ie: seeds floating in the air, etc). It is great to use, but it won't kill any weeds that already have a root system started. If you have missed any while pulling, then they will continue to grow. If you are going to wait to plant, then I would suggest CAREFULLY applying a Round-up type product to the area to kill weeds that are existing. It won't work until they show their little heads, but that will get rid of them. Usually an area like this is still able to be planted approx 3 weeks (or so) from Round up application. I use this method in my veggie garden. For instance, I am tilling up another new area for next spring. I am going to Round-up the grass, till- it about a week later, then apply round up again this fall. Once it gets warmer, I will round up one more time, then till some Preen into the soil, and then plant.

HTH some
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Preen, like Kelly said, only helps some. It's not as wonderful as some say they believe it is. I would recommend using that along with something else.

If you are not ready to plant now, put some preen down with some straw on top. Straw is awesome for using in your veggie garden to prevent weeds. I literally have no weeds in my garden
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If you put black plastic on top that will kill everything under it and you'll be ready to go next spring.
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