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What are the signs of Menopause?

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How do you know when menopause is starting? I'm 45, still nursing (planning to quit soon), get hot flashes anyway, since I live in a hot state and nursing brings it on), my period has not been "regular" - one month heavy, next light, next none at all. How do you know it may be the start of menopause and not from nursing or normal aging changes? Is it possible to go into menopause while nursing? Is there a blood test that shows you're in menopause? How do you know?
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My girlfriend emailed me a list a few weeks ago but I can't find it anywhere. So far for me, it's been period. Period again. Will this period ever end! Finally! It's Gone! There it is again. When can I wear white and ride a horse on the beach again? I'm 43 and consider myself in perimenopause - periods getting longer/lots of unexpected bleeding/ more cramping.
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I was 37 when I started perimenopause, right after I had ds.

Hot flashes
Mood swings
Irregular periods
No periods at all

There is a blood test that checks your hormones. But be careful. The first time I took it they told me I had been in menopause for a few months. That I was through with it. Well I had a period a year later. They consider you to be in menopause after no period for a year, but I don't buy it - you can still get pregnant. I now consider myself to be in menopause, that was almost 6 years ago. Yet I sometimes still get a period once in awhile. I had tests to rule anything out. Funny, the test after the one that said I was in post-menopausal said I Wasn't in menopause.

I guess what I am trying to say is that menopause is a process. You aren't fertile one moment and in menopause the next. You keep going back and forth for awhile - sometimes years - until you are in full blown menopause or post-menopausal. And even then - last year my hot flashes stopped, etc. I went through months feeling great. Guess what? I started hot flashes again several months ago.

You can get a blood test but keep these things in mind!
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Is it possible to be nursing and go into perimenopause - yes. It is two different hormones.

Symptoms: Like Stormy said, Hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, irregular periods, no periods at all. Plus, cold flashes (so cold you can't get warm), flooding (a big gush of menstral blood without expecting your period or between periods), suddenly short periods, increase in appetite, nausea, a spacy feeling or 'brain fog', decrease in libido (that rebounds when menopause is over), fatigue, problems with memory, frequent urge to urinate, stress incontinence, crawling skin (it feels like spiders are crawling on you), more generalized aches and pains especially in the abdomen (sometimes from fibroids or ovarian cysts).

Yes, there are tests and yes it is wise to see your gyno, too. Some of those symptoms are signs of other health problems that crop up at this age so it is important to get them checked out.
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Yes, it is possible to go through menopause while nursing. I was quite old when I had my ds. I nursed him until he was 2 years old, didn't have any periods while I was nursing him, and then after I stopped nursing I never had another period!! It was very early menopause. They did check my hormone levels every year for a few years until they finally said...yep, done!!!
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I didn't know all the signs, but I'm sure looking for them for myself anytime soon. I would love to at least get the party started! I'm ready for it to all be over.
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My mom got pregnant during menopause! she was 49 when she had my sister! There is a lady that is 60 something that gave birth, so yes you can start while nursing.
The symptoms are hot flashes, but its not like just GETTING hot. when a flash starts it starts at your head or feet and it feels like your skin is heating from your feet up, when I have one even my hair is warm, DH thinks that funny, he can feel the heat in my hair!
ITS AWFUL!! I have gone outside in the middle of the night in snow wearing DH's t shirt, just to cool off!
You can also get dizzy, light headed, I have to sit down when it happens.
you can have like panic attacks.
all of a sudden it will feel like your heart is raceing, its not, so dont worry. its just MENOPAUSE!
I have not had my period for about 2 yrs now but you can still get one , even like 5 yrs. later, Ya never know!
Your hormones are all F####D up.
you will be happy one minute and be crying the next and you don't know WHY!
Its a MESS!
I am still going through it, it can last for YEARS! Aient that a kicker!
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This is scary! I've been like this about seven years and thought it was from nursing and being a mom!
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Hey desertmom, any new info on this subject? I know this post was a while ago, but I just turned 36 and have been experiencing alot of the symptoms. Aside from the night sweats, I almost thought I was pregnant as the wt gain is in my abdomen!! a huge difference from last summer. I home tested negative so I am thinking either a thyroid issue or menopause. Did you get tested??
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Hi! How are you doing? I've been missing you!

I stopped nursing last Nov., and still have scant, if almost non-existent periods, or days of cramps, w/little bleeding, or perhaps a day of bleeding. My Dr. took me off b/c pills (what a pain!), and wanted me to wait a month or two before doing the testing. So, the testing is something I need to get done next month to see if I'm somewhere near there.
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