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Lunchable Jr.'s

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Has anyone tried these yet. They are lunchables but only in a small pack and they come with healthier choices. For instance raisins, cheese and graham crackers was one another was yogart, cheese and turkey cubed. They were selling for $2.50 and there was an in store coupon for .50 cents off. They come in a two pack. DS and DD will have them today for lunch for the first time. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried them and what they thought of them.
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I have tried them and he seems to love them. He likes all the foods in the packs and they do seem healthier.
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wow! $2.50? My local grocery store just had them on sale for $.79 each (singles). I got a couple different ones for my kids but they haven't tried them yet.

They like the regular lunchables so I think they will like these too.
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we had them when we were out an about nutritionaly they are better than the regular ones not as much sodium. we don't get those that often since they pack alot of salt.
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I noticed them at the grocery store a couple weeks ago. They were a 2pk and were on sale for $1.50 so I bought the turkey cubes, cheese and crackers one and the teddy bear grahams, yogurt, cheese one. Both my boys liked them although I mainly bought them for my 2yr old. They were more expensive at Walmart a few days later so I didn't buy more yet.
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