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Do Skechers run small?

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I need to get ds a new pair of tennis shoes for school but he absolutely hates to shop for clothes/shoes (and to tell you the truth I would rather not take him since I can't stand the complaining). Usually I end up buying a couple of pairs to bring home, he tries them on and then he picks the ones that feel the best. We usually go with Nike or Avia but thought we'd give Skechers a try. Do they tend to run small? Also, are they harder to run in because the sole looks so thick (maybe I need a pair to look taller )? Thanks for any input.
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I have noticed they run a tad small and tend to be more narrow.
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they are not for kids with wider feet or no arches. if your child can wear pretty much any shoe he should be able to wear these. i have 2 that can't wear the tennis shoes but can wear their sandals. but they do not have good arch support for flat feet. we buy new balance at the recommendation of the podiatrist since my boys have no arches at all. check out famous footwear we got shoes buy one get one 50% off so we got two pair new balance for $45 bucks since they were on sale already plus they had all most all brands on sale...
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I just bought a pair for my son a couple weeks ago and they fit him fine. Its much easier to take your child in to get their foot measured by the sales rep and they can get you the correct fitting shoes.
I got my son the Airrators (those ones that are supposed to send air into your feet as you walk.) Interesting but he likes them.
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Sketchers are the one brand both DD and I HAVE to try on several pairs (and yes IMO< they run smaller)...They just never fit the same. Depending on the style of sketchers some are better (the thinner soles) for running and playing others are not.

As much as you don't want to, if you go with sketchers this is the one time I'd suggest bringing him with you...
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My DD has really small, narrow feet. She is about a size 11 shoe. I just checked her Skechers and I bought her a size 12. I was hoping she would have room to grow into them. I know Keds are for very narrow feet.
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Both my son and I have had Skechers and we both had to go up a size in them compared to Nikes.
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Yes, they do run small.
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Thanks for all the replies! I'm not sure about the Skechers now since I do want something with good arch support and ds's foot is kind of wide (dh wears a 11.5 EEEE). If I plan on buying the Skechers them I guess I will have to take ds to buy shoes (oh, dread). If he normally wears a 4 then we'll be getting a 5!?!?

I don't like buying shoes that are too big either (I know some people do that so their kids shoes last longer) because I worry about how it will affect his running/walking. Makes me think of clown shoes. We go through about 3 pairs of tennis shoes/school year. The New Balance sound pretty good. Thanks everyone for the input.
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