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Couscous ?

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Does anyone eat or cook couscous on a regular basis? I am interested in trying some, but have no idea where to buy it (or how to make it) or how to cook it when I am done.

Anyone have any experience with it?
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It's usually located near the rice and pastas. You can get it at most if not all grocery stores and it comes in different flavors. You boil the water, add the couscous and 5 minutes later it's ready to eat.
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Yes! We eat it all the's really quick and easy. I usually use the Near East brand, just because I like the flavor the best. We don't really venture out into different flavors of couscous in our family, we like just the regular/plain flavor. Sometimes I use chicken stock instead of water to make it. Sometimes we just eat it plain with butter or olive oil...sometimes I mix in blanched or grilled veggies. It's a really quick and easy side dish.

Near East - Rice Pilaf and Couscous
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I LOVE couscous! Seriously. I'd eat it all the time. It is soooooo fast to make and so versatile. Unfortunately, neither my DD nor my hubby likes it much. I don't tend to make it just for myself, although I could.

Definately give it a try.
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Thanks guys! There was some special on the Discovery channel and for some reasons they were talking about couscous. It sounded really yummy ~ but like I said, I just didn't know where to start.

I will definately try it in our next menu
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Did you end up trying it, Kelli?  I've got a recipe for Parmesan couscous I can share.  My kids love it.

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I didn't yet Kim.  My DH was not really on board.  If you'd share the recipe though I'd love it ~  ANYthing with parmesan my kids will devour.

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We love couscous.  I make it a lot of times when I just need a side and don't have a whole lot of size.  It's best when made with some type of broth (beef or chicken) instead of just water--to give it a bit of flavor.

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Originally Posted by Kim View Post

Did you end up trying it, Kelli?  I've got a recipe for Parmesan couscous I can share.  My kids love it.

Id be interested in the recipe too!


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DD and i LOVE couscous. ( the males do not).


in our store its right beside the rices. we make ours like you would make minute rice. 1 cup water, boil and one cup couscous, stir, take off heat and put the lid on it. wait 5 minutes and fluff with a fork. i use it whenever i need rice for something and i use it instead( shhhh just do not tell the males in my house...they do not know i have been doing this for years..they think its rice!).

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