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Garage sale pointers

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We are planning on having our first garage sale in a few weeks and never having done it before, I could use some pointers from all of you veterans. We are planning to sell for 2 days maybe 5-6 hours each day.

What are the usual prices for certain items.. clothes, books, toys, videos etc?

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.
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At our last yard sale we didn't price anything w/ prices - we used different colored stickers and made a couple of posters that showed what each color represented - example: all blue dots were a quarter - all pink dots were fifty cents and so on. The customer seemed to love it. OH and we sold cold drinks - those went quicker than the stuff we were trying to get rid of. HTH!
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I always go low like 25-50 cents for most of the stuff so I can just get rid of it. I hate going to one w/no prices. I agree with the cold drink thing too, have a kid do it! It'll be fun. We plan to do one in Sept.
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I priced all clothes at 50 cents except two piece outfits and coats. Most books I priced at 50 or 25 cents depending on type and condition. I also sorted clothes by size and put large signs on the tables to indicate so if someone was looking for 2T, they could see right where to go. Put lots of signs up at busy corners close to you. We stop a lot just because we saw a sign. Also, post signs at your jobs or friends jobs if there is a bulletin board. Good luck!
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i'll share my golden rules:

1. signage. go to walmart and buy the neon pink or green poster board and cut it in half. just write SALE with a huge arrow...make sure the letters are HUGE and done in thick, very thick black and put them on every corner to get traffic to you! the most annoying thing is when you see a sign that says yard sale and they've written in pen! like im going 25mph and cant slow down to read the freakin sign!

2. make a decision in your head if this is a 'get rid of it" sale or a "make money" sale....if its get rid of it, price things very cheap. clothes .50 if there is a sale with cheap prices i'll buy more since its "only 1.00"

3. price your stuff! nothing more irritating thanhaving to ask "how much is this?"

4. put stuff as far out on the driveway as possible - i feel better just getting out and taking 3 steps instead of going into a garage - it also helps me decide if im stopping to begin with...if i cant seeit from the road or my car, chances are i'll keep going.

5. price stuff and organize a little bit each night so you DONT stay up till 2am pricing crap!

6. put the sale proceeds towards something you want. like a grill, a new microwave, an overnight hotel room with a great pool or attraction for the kids.

7. good luck!
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Make sure the items are clean. I cannot tell you how many sales I have been to that have dirty, even filthy item out for sale. Yuck! Also, price items to go. It is a garage sale and people are looking for a bargain. Don't take it personally if people try to hagle, it is part of the game. Have change ready ahead of time (lots of $1, $5 and quarters). Be sure to price things so people don't have to ask (I do the dot thing like mentioned in another post). Try to display things in a pleasing way instead of just dumping it in a box or on a blanket.
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Exactly what others have said.

Price things, -think to yourself, what would you be willing to pay?

Organize is the key. Usually the week of the sale, I start bringing everything into our front room and start pricing and putting things in to like catagories. Much easier to look at all the baby stuff, and all the computer stuff, etc in one area.

The night before, bring up all tnales etc into the garage and get as much as possible on the tables to be ready to go.

Put BIG items out in the driveway- this really draws attention to your sale.
Have a "free box" of old McD's toys, small pieces of stuff for little ones to play with, and even take one home. Parents will stay longer if the kids are happy.

Be prepared for early birds. try to have as much as possible done the night before- no fun trying to still bring things out of the house when you have people mulling about- you just never know what they are up to.

You may even want to have a sandwiched made for you to just go in and grab quickly during a lull- unless you have a friend or someone else at home to help out.

Plan on eating out that night. Or fire up your crockpot!

Expect people to haggle- don't do it too early on in the sale- unless you really just want to get rid of the stuff.

When all is said and done, load up the car and drive right to goodwill and make a donation of the things that didn't sell

Have fun and good luck!
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Lots of great tips so far
I agree to get everything grouped together and out of the garage (I know that when I go in a garage at a sale, it takes a while for your eyes to adjust to the light and if I don't see a lot of stuff out sometimes I don't bother to stop). As I set stuff aside to put in my sale I tag/price/inital it right there and then.
I say invite your neighbors to join you (with gas prices they way they are I'd like to be able to hit as many sales in one area). I'd also invite friends and family to bring stuff. My family has a sale at my sisters every memorial day, we picnic and take turns running the sale or watching the kids.
Have fun!
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Thank you Ladies. I really appreciate the hints. My dh has already starting clearing out the attic of the baby stuff
It's that time.
I am sure that we will have a great sale with all of the great ideas.
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I agree with everyone else! Price to sell is my big thing! And make very bright, readable signs! I hate it when I see a garage sale sign & I can't even read what it says because the writing is so small! I would put your address on it also along with an arrow. Good luck!
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