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In the summer it shorts and a tee shirt. Winter jeans and a long sleeve shirt.
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I look like the blob. Everybody run, it's the blob!!!! Argharghargh!

Ok, I'm in a weird mood today.
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I usually wear shorts,jeans,t-shirt,sweats,or jammies. I do dress nicer when I go to town.
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I usually wear the same type of thing I would wear if I go to run errands. A pair of capris and a polo shirt or something. Comfy enough to wear I can move around and get work done, but not so comfy that I would be embarrassed if someone stopped by or I had to run out real quick. I do wear make~up every day. Not only for myself to feel pretty, but I still like to look good for my dh. I don't wear shoes though, unless I am going somewhere of course!
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cotton or loung pants and t shirts. i like aeropostale, i buy a lot of tshirts from there, they are so comfy
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I usually wear capris and a cotton shirt in case someone comes to the door on week days.
I put hair up in a clip usually.Makeup on days I feel Blah or am running alot of errands. I love to wear slide on shoes. I dress for comfort and try to look decent at the same time.Sometimes on weekends I wear pj's most of the day.
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I wear jeans and a decent shirt everyday or capris or khakis and a top. In winter a long sleeve or light sweater. I like getting dressed in the morning it makes me feel more productive and I can just put shoes on and go if we go somewhere instead of having to go get ready. I wear just a little makeup most days, some days if I'm cleaning or outside all day I won't.
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I wear makeup and try to look nice because I can not get things done in my pjs. I do go out to the store and other places, plus I like to look nice for DH, when he comes home. Right now, I wear maternity clothes but they are nice. I do have a lot of maternity t-shirts but I wear accessories with them and makeup. I just put my hair up usually because it has been so humid lately.
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Originally Posted by blessedmama View Post

When I put on makeup and something other than a sweatsuit my 4 year old always asks where we are going. She also asks who's coming over whenever I sweep the floor.

Funny!!!!! out of the mouths of babes!
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I really look like crap at home every day.. leggings, shorts, t shirt or tank top depending if it major cleaning day. winter sweats and t short and zip up sweat shirt. I have diffrent clothes for wearing out, I most always wear make up and do my hair when going out Never when just stayign at home. I get so much on me during the day I don't want to ruin my good clothes between kid food, cleaning, out side playing, gardening etc.
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