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Is wallpaper going out of style?

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I've noticed lately in new homes being built around my area and on shows on HGTV that people don't seem to be using wallpaper to decorate with anymore. I know wallpaper borders used to be a big thing, but I don't even see people using those either.

My kitchen is the only room left in my house that has wallpaper. Our wallpaper was actually put over the unfinished drywall, so we have to spackle and paint over it (dumb builders ). Removing it is not an option. The kitchen has been left for last because it's going to be a big project and I still haven't picked out the perfect light green paint.

Does anyone still decorate with wallpaper?
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I really does seem like there is more of a leaning towards paint...Dh and I don't like wallpaper, so in our new house (which is all wallpapered with borders to boot!), we're slowly taking it all down. We just really prefer the look of paint. I know for me, I don't often see wallpaper that I like. A friend of mine has a beautiful old house and she has ued a lot of wallpaper and it's just gorgeous, but she's got a knack.

I don't know what type of green you're looking for but if you're looking for a sage green...maybe get a sample to try Sherwin Williams "Summer Resort"...we LOVE that color!
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Okay, I agree I dont see much wallpaper anymore.. having said that, I love wallpaper. I have been thinking about wallpapering my living room. My kitchen is the only room wallpapered and is gorgeous. I went to a site called and you can look through their books and they have vignettes set up already, after you click on their book, select from the pull down list of vignettes only. I found the perfect design for my kitchen, but it was expensive, so I wrote the names of the designs then went to ebay and found everything for half price. I think I only spent 200. for everything I needed. Hope this helps..
My motto is do what you want for you and your family, not whats in or not in
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Originally Posted by me and my three sons View Post

My motto is do what you want for you and your family, not whats in or not in

You're absolutely right! One style does not fit all.

Could you post a pic of your kitchen? I'd love to see how it looks.
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I just moved into a 1977 home and there was wallpaper in the kitchen. I really really didn't like it so I thought I'd pull it off and paint....well hundreds of dollars later I'm now painting. There was no texture under the wall paper, but I didn't realize that until I pulled off the first sheet, there was no turning back at that point. Well the walls and ceiling have been textured and I'm in the process of painting. I'd never put up wallpaper in my house. It's so cheap to paint and easy to change. Wallpaper.....ahhhh! I don't know anyone that has wallpaper in my area, I think it's a fading decorating choice.
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In the past we've wallpapered just about all of our rooms. There's a place outside of our town called Hood's where you can get a roll for under $5. My dh has more patience putting it up than I do. The good thing about it is that if you have any flaws on the wall itself it will cover it. The bad thing is it is torture getting the stuff off. I get that privilege because dh doesn't like doing that. I would get a squirt bottle and rag to wet it down and scrape it off with a paint scraper. Oh what fun. Anyways after having to do this several times I've vowed never to wallpaper again. I still put border up but just the pre-pasted because it is soooo much easier to take off. I paint now and for my kitchen I wanted to do something different so I did a painting technique called bagging. You take a plastic bag and dip it into paint then you press onto your walls. First I painted my kitchen blue then I went over it and bagged it with white paint. If you didn't know by just glancing at it it sort of looks like wallpaper.
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I think wallpaper has been out of style, which is fine by me! I never liked it. I much prefer paint. You can change a room so easily and inexpensively, BUT, that is me and my family.

Do what you like so you can enjoy your own home.
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I have seen newer model homes with wallpaper but it is in diffrent places now. IT is used as an accent room but the entire house or in the dinning rooms as it use to be. I have only really see it now in 1/2 baths. IF I has a 1/2 bath with no windows I would wallpaper it but that would be the only room in my house with it. I think as poeple have done and learned that taking it off isnt' easy or people with kids learn it is hard to clean. Painting is the option of cleaning and easy to redo or touch up.
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I think it's going out of style cause it's a pain to take down, half of it looks really tacky, and you HAVE to put it up really well or you can definately tell. That being said I so like painted rooms with borders sometimes. Paint is nice cause it's so easy to change.
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I really don't like wallpaper.

I have one border in this House Its Cute cause its the kids Bath , Rubber Ducky theme:
walls are Bright yellow with a ducky Border.

I may do one Laundry border In the washer/dryer area , I am not sure yet.

I used to do A border in almost every room- Most rooms in this house I wouldn't Dare
I think paint looks classy and My DH Does lots of trimwork ,chairrail , Library panels and
Crown molding .
I like that look alot!

Another thing I have heard is that ceiling fans on the main floor are way out .
I heard it on one of those home improvement shows
We have only one in our bedroom here.

I used to love ours in our Dining /kitchen area of our last house though!
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