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The $10 Grocery List  

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If you were down to your last $10 and had to buy groceries to get you through the week, what would you buy? Could you do it?


$10 grocery list

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nope, couldnt do it, I have family of 5 and cant imagine if 10.00 had to buy everything for the week, I m interested to see others' responses though........
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Let's see, pasta would be on the list, soup, bread, maybe some ground beef. I could stretch it all for a week. and mix it up a little. I think. Good question.

ETA: I guess I was only thinking of dinner. Gosh if you had to do ALL meals, I don't think I could do it. Mabye PB & J.
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Not if I didn't have any stock piles.
Pancake mix, potatos, ramen would probably be what I could stretch the fathest
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(hopefully there'd be a decent sale at my ding/dent supermarket)
$2 - potatoes 5 lb bag/$1 (baked potato bar, mashed potatoes, latkes, pierogies, potato soup)
$1 - boxed macaroni & cheese (tuna casserole, mac/cheese & hotdogs, chicken & veg casserole)
$2 - chicken thighs & legs $1/lb
$1 - ramen noodles (easy lunch, add leftover chicken & veg to make soup)
$1 - pasta
$1 - pasta sauce
$1 - 1 lb hamburger
$1 - bread
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Lets see:

1 gallon of milk -$3.00
1 box of cereal-$2.00
Noodles-88 cents
Sauce-50 cents

That is what I would get. But I would definately be stretching it. Hopefully I would have a few extra items in the house. But let me tell you I would be tipping the couch over and cleaning out the car to find change to buy more stuff for the rest of the week!
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I would get 1-store brand bread, 1 -carton eggs, 3- canned fruit, 2- tomato soup, 1/2 gallon of milk, 3-canned veggies, 1-small jar of generic peanut butter, 1-Ramen noodle.
I have a family of 3 and this would be very hard, but if you HAD to, you could have serious portion control and strech those $10. We might be very hungry at the end of the week, but I am sure there are families who do it every week.
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I could do it now, but that is only because my pantry and deep freeze are really well stocked. I would (and do right now) need a few items to make those in the pantry and freezer into meals.

Milk-$4.09-that is what I am paying for one gallon of whole milk
bread-$2.00-generic, not my favorite but it works
potatoes?? Not sure at the cost
eggs $2.00-3.00
-It would be really close. I am with 3lynns, I too would be cleaning out everything to find any extra change.
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This is only because I have a full pantry and freezer. I don't know if I could do it without that.
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If I had nothing in my house, and had to make do. First place I would go to is the food pantry and build meals from there. If stocked with food I have now, I would be fine.
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