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Do you cut your child(ren)'s hair?

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My MIL cuts DS's hair. She cut her kids' hair when they were younger, and she still cuts her husbands. I'm petrified to try. I trimmed a little off the ends a few months back and it looked alright, but he was quite wiggly (it was after his bath) and I couldn't do too much more than that. A couple months ago DH got his hair cut and DS said he wanted the lady to cut his hair too but as soon as it was his turn DS hid behind me and wouldn't let the lady get near him with a 10 ft pole. I guess Grandma will be cutting his hair for a while longer. Hey I will NOT complain -- it's like $12 for a kids haircut here!
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my ds had a bowl cut for the longest time. I took him to the salon to get the initial cut and then trimmed it myself at home, with clippers. I usually let him touch the clippers so he knows it doesn't hurt, pop in his favorite movie to keep him still, and give him a bath right after to get the hairs off.. I used to cut my dh's too. Even while we were dating. It grows so quick if you make a mistake on short hair. Now he is balding and can cut it himself.
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I just started. I was sick of spending $10.00 plus tax every three months for the kids to get their hair cut. That was over $30 every time!! So I bought a nice set of clippers (came with everythihg!) for $30.00. I have cut the older two boys hair. It didnt come out bad. I can tell where I missed here and there or cut it a little too much. But it looks nice. I just figure the more I do it, the better it will get. I havent cut my 21 month olds hair yet. He is wiggly and he usually sits on my lap when we take him to get his hair cut. He wont sit on dh's lap. I need to figure out something soon. He is starting to look a little girly with his lonp hair (its only about 2" longer than is should be) and his pretty ringlets.
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I cut Matt's hair and my hair, but I don't touch the boys' hair. I don't trust myself to get it right.
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I cut both DH and DS's hair. We live in an area where kids don't get haircuts very often. They usually go from buzz cut to growing inches over their ears before the next cut, so my little mistakes on DS's hair are not very noticable. DH has a curl in this hair, so you never see mistakes!

I'm with you -- spending all that money at a salon is hard to take!

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I cut all my boys' hair and DH's, too....but they're easily done with a clipper, just buzz them off and throw them in the tub. Well worth the cost of the clipper.
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I cut my dh's hair and trim my dd's bangs. If her hair is getting super long and I know I won't be able to get her to my cousin (she's a barber and cuts dd's hair for free) I'll cut some of the length off. Now my other dd I am going to have to take to my cousin for everything b/c I scared that I will screw up with all her curls.
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I cut my DH's hair and DD's bangs. When I was in SC there was a beauty school in our town and I took a 2 hour "fun class" that was on bangs and cutting layers around the face area. I don't remember much about cutting the layers, but I know how to cut bangs really well. DH bought a pretty good shaver with different settings for it and that makes it easy to cut his hair. We've only had one bad hair cut in the past two years for him.
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i would never go near anyones hair with scissors I would be very afraid of the outcome. No way no how!
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I bought a clipper set and cut my sons & dh's hair. Its simple and nope, never been to beauty school. It saves alot of money by me cutting their hair.
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