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Catholic to Episcopalian

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Has anyone switched churches from Catholic to Episcopalian? I know theres not much of a differnce between the two, but Im finding the Episcopalians to be not only much nicer, but a more family-like, closer and much smaller church than the huge money hungry larger Catholic church we belong to. Thoughts?
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Anybody? Or episcopal to catholic? Why did you switch? Thx
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We thought about it when we were getting married. My husband had become a Catholic in his 20's, but due to waiting for an annulment from his first marriage, we thought of switching. He was raised Episcopal, but I use that term loosely. His family rarely went to church and completely stopped once he was 10 for some reason.

The more I researched it, I found they were not all that alike. The service is similar, but there are some issue I have with the Episcopal church which kept us from switching. My dh was even more dead set against it than I was. But, that is US. You should do what is right for your family. However, look a bit deeper and you will see some fundamental differences. For example, I remember being a bit surprised that they only believe in two sacraments. This is based on my 12 year old fried brain, but I think it was communion and baptism. While I am not too big on the penance sacrament, I had a hard time switching where you would not consider marriage a sacrament. JMO

But, you have to do what works for your family. Can you switch to another Catholic Church nearby that is more family friendly?
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Coming in totally late on this but I can kinda answer from my personal experience.
I grew up Orthodox Christian, so Catholic to the max basically. About 4 years ago, DH and I started going to an Episcopal church. 2 years ago we moved and started going to an Anglican church but it has since broken off and is taking on a non-denominational approach but has kept a lot of the traditions (such as communion) which I like so we continue to go. The main thing I liked about Episcopalian/Anglican was the fact that women could be priests. In the Orthodox church, a priest can marry unlike RC but no women priests. Heck women couldnt even go up past a certain point in the altar, so no altar girls either. That just rubbed me the wrong way, I felt like women were second class citizens. Also, I felt like Episcopalianism? gave a blend of traditions as well as focusing on the Bible. In Orthodoxy, a lot seems to be focused on tradition and less on the Bible. That could have been how I was raised though. We just always did stuff (such as fasting on Friday) just because "that's what Orthodox do". At first it was difficult leaving the church I was so accustomed to but I love where we are at now, even if it is starting to lean towards non-denominational. If you like a particular Episopal church then I would say go for it. Go for wherever makes youo feel comfortable, regardless of the denomination. Hope that helps!
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Thanks for your thoughts. We went last weekend and really enjoyed it. It was comfortable, relaxed, friendly and you felt like a part of the church immeidately. Granted, the church is very small - maybe 50 families as opposed to the 2,400 that are in the catholic church.

Claire - just wanted to clarify, the Episcopal church does follow the same sacraments as the catholic church. Every one of them. The two that they "celebrate" is baptism & confirmation, but all the other sacraments are still just as important and emphasized. Perhaps it was just that particular church you went to? Im not sure why they wouldnt consider marriage a sacrament though.
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I never did actually attend a church. I looked it up online on an Episcopal website. You are right, they recognize the others, but don't call them sacraments. It bothered me. But, that is ME. To me that was a big difference.

Plus, remember, here we are thinking of switching due to a MARRIAGE issue (waiting on an annulment) and they would not say marriage was a sacrament. That bothered me at the time. It might not now - who knows.

Again, you have to do what is right for YOUR family.
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That all sounds odd to me though. I have pamphlets from the church that tells about the 7 sacraments, as well as reading it on line. They do call them sacraments. My MIL is episcopalian and after much discussion there is not much difference between that and catholic - in fact when DH and I got married, my priest referred to episcopalian as "catholic light" because it is the closest thing to being catholic and he had no issues marrying DH and I (he is episc.), needed nothing from him other than to show that he was baptised.

Not looking for an argument, just thinking that might have been specific to that church.
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Raised Episcopalian, married an Episcopalian minister's son, so I think that I can give you insight there, but not necessarily to compare greatly.

I do know that Episcopalians don't pray through the Saints. We believe in the Saints, but we believe we can pray directly to God or through Christ, but we need no other go-betweens.

Mary is the mother of our Savior, but she is not as revered as in the Catholic church.

There is no rosary.

Marriage is a sacrament. When I was divorced, I was told that the only way I could get married in the Episcopal church again was if I wrote a letter to the archbishop to explain my divorce and ask for forgiveness. Matthew and I decided that I had already been through enough with my divorce and that a man that I didn't even know didn't need to forgive me. That was between me and God.

We do not have to go to confession. That is between the individual and God.

Episcopalians are Protestants, so Jesus is no longer on the cross. He is risen, therefore, a cross is the symbol that is used most frequently instead of the crucifex.

Episcopalian is a denomination rather than a religion. It is not exclusive in its beliefs that only Episcopalians will go to Heaven or are true Christians.

I know that there are more, but those are the ones that I know based on my Catholic friends and teaching for a few years at a Catholic high school.
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Thank you so much for that. And the other biggie is that Episcopalians dont believe in the Pope - correct?

Funny, all that you mentioned above is what I have believed in for as long as I can remember ... its just taken me this long to find that fit.

Turning 40 sure has been an eye-opening and liberating time I tell ya! :-)
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Episcopalian is a denomination rather than a religion. It is not exclusive in its beliefs that only Episcopalians will go to Heaven or are true Christians.

Jeannette: I should know this, but is a demonination of what?
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