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Costco cakes?

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I'm thinking of ordering a sheet cake from Costco for my son's first birthday. I've never tasted them so I'm looking to you guys for your opinions. TIA!
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They're kind of plain but I had one and it was pretty good.
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We just had one for my dd's 5th b-day last weekend, and I've ordered them a few times before. We had the white cake, chocolate mousse middle, and white buttercream frosting. The frosting was REALLY rich and heavy. I'd recommend the cream cheese based one, it's lighter, and not overly cream-cheesy, if I recall. The chocolate mousse was not at all as chocolaty as the one they had on display, a little disappointing. For the price and the amount of cake you get, it's probably worth it. I have had another store brand cake before that was better. Next year, though, I'll be making my own (we had half the cake left over~too few people~and no-one wanted to take it home.) They may let you sample one, I'm not sure.
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The sheet cakes are good, and a good value. Most everyone I know likes them. But if you want REALLY good chocolate cake - don't get the sheet cake there, get the layered chocolate cake w/ the chocolate shavings on the outside of it. It's massive, very dense, chocolatey. THAT'S a helluva cake.
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I absolutely LOVE the carrot cake at Costco, but I don't know about the rest
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If you have a bunch of people coming, it's a good cake for the money. It would be hard to make one that size with filling for the price. I use them a lot for school events, etc where you have to feed a lot of people.

For a first birthday, I would go somewhere like super-target where they do more kid cakes.
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Like mrs_teeee67 I have had the carrot cake from there I thought it was good but I can make a mean carrot cake so it wasn't as good as mine. I think they tend to be a little dry and that they do cut cost but less flavoring (choc) things like that. But also I heard the only really good frosting they have too is the cream cheese also.
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I think for the price they are fantastic! My favorite has been white with strawberry mousse filling. It's great!
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Thanks guys, I ordered it today. I went with the chocolate mousse. I hope it's good although I've never met a cake I didn't like!
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Hmmm I am sitting here stuffing myself with Costco carrot cake at this very moment

We love Costco cakes! Any time I have been to a birthday party and they had cake that was NOT Costco, it was awful!!!!! Costco is a guaranteed good cake! And the price is great, too.

I do have to mention, I miss the whipped cream frosting they used to have.... that was the best! Oh well.

BTW, I order their cakes with just white frosting and decorative edging, then add our own special decorations to match our party theme. Gone are the days of making my own elaborate cakes.... it's much easier and cheaper this way!!! GO COSTCO!!!!
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