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What are the best Aldi deals?

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We recently got a new Aldi store in our town. Can some of you experienced Aldi shoppers clue me in as to what products are the BEST deals at Aldi?
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All the staples like sugar, flour, cooking oils are cheaper at Aldi vs the grocery store or Wal-Mart.
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They have a killer spaghetti sauce that is in the jars (like Preggo) that is only 99 cents! Any canned goods are a great deal. They said at their grand opening that their soups are acutally made by the Campbells company and they are cheap. I have also got their chips, cheeses and bananas and they were all good prices!
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I heard the fruit and oatmeal bars are made by Quaker. They are very good, as is the store brand salsa (Casa Mamita). All of the Fit and Active brand products we've tried have been excellent- yogourt, muesli, dried fruit, blue corn chips. Boxed cereal is good, esp the Red Berries (like Special K with Red Berries). The bread is good -but in our Aldis, you need to check the Sell By Date. Canned tomato sauce and green beans are good quality.
Oh- the chocolate is WONDERFUL- both the Moser Roth and the Choceux Dark. And the Belmont Florenz assorted cookies are made in Germany and really tasty. The Benner teabags- both black and green- are amazing. The store brand peanut butter is excellent as well.
Actually we've really liked everything we've gotten there except the coffee.
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Most of their food is great...just bring your will power because when you enter the store there is a whole aisle of tasty snacks (chips, candy, cookies, etc) that are really cheap. I personally like almost every thing except their yogurt and fresh veggies (not so fresh).

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I forgot to add that 90% of what they sell is their brand so if you love name brands it is not the place to go. If I recall they only take debit cards or cash. No credit cards or checks...since most of the people who shop there are low income and tend to have more of a tendency to bounce checks.

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Everything but the cheese--it never melts right for me.

Keep a look out for toys and books in the next couple months. Last year I found great buys for presents.
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fruits and veggies are normally good, bananas are super cheap there
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I might be in the minority but I think their bananas are mealy YUK!

I like all the Fit and Active brand, I think their snack chips are greasy. My boys will not eat their yogurt, cheeses like op said don't melt well.
Drink mixes, 100% wheat bread is good, oat meal, cold cereals, baking goods (sugar,vanila,flour,choc.chips,baking powder) all are fine. I have not yet bought any meat there someday I might but I just can't bring myself to yet!

With grocery prices on the rise and a new one closer to home getting ready to open I have to try more stuff there!
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I have not bought anything there so far that I did not like! Today I bought 10lbs of hamburger at $1.76 a pound, so I hope it is good! (but I am not too choosey about most things!
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