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I believe mine will be an only she will be 11m and we are on the fence but 95% sure
I went on the web site but how do I find your stuff and I also would like the name of that other site if possible Thanks
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Originally Posted by Stormy View Post

Hmmm no kidding... I just love the people that go up to me with ds present and say, "Oh you just can't have only one!" and I say to them, "Oh yes you can if God gives you one, and the best one for me as well, then you are happy with what you are blessed with". What can I say? Ok ok I'm stooping to their level. But it gets them to clam up and quick!

Oh, I know. I told DH "what if I would treat people with more than one child as if they are doing a disservice to their children the way I am always told that for only having one??". (I do NOT feel that way, BTW. I have total respect for every parent and the decisions they make for their family! ).
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My husband and I have only one child and we love it...that's by choice. My daughter who is 5 loves being an only child. She gets our undivided attentiion.

I am an only child. It was great.

I think only children develop great social skills. I ALWAYS had friends growing daughter has lots of friends to play with . She is extremely socialable, likeable, outgoing and if need be...can hold her own with the best of them. ( temper wise..ha ha )

Only children are very well rounded individuals. Infact....all of my mom friends, we're in our 30's , have only one child. That's only 6 of my friends ( the rest have more kids) .... and I know they're all done...just like choice.

I think kids are great....We waited to have children until our 30's when we were more financially stable. However...I'm still waiting for us to be financially stable (sigh).

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Originally Posted by Mom2One View Post

ETA: I guess you find it bizarre that I was shocked by the statistic, not so much by my choice. Am I right? At least I hope this is the case, since family size is an individual person's choice.

Yes, I find it bizarre that you thought 1/3 of Americans had or only wanted to have one child. I have not seen a family of one by choice in a long time and wonder where in the world you live that you have all these friends with only one child - unless it is a first child or something.

I only have one friend with one child and that is due to infertility - not by a conscious decision on their part. Thirty percent is a LOT of people! I just was not sure if you were serious or not. I read it truly thinking you HAD to be joking.

I didn't mean it as a put down and hope it doesn't sound like that at all. I would NEVER question anybody about it because, honestly, you never know if they have tried and just can't or what the circumstance. There are people that have that made that choice and that is totally acceptable.

ETA: My dh, my mother and my mil were all only children. They all wish they had had a sibling and were lonely growing up. It makes things easier when you get older, too, and have to care for an aging parent.
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I have one daughter, age nine. I had six rounds of Clomid and two miscarriages before her and two more after having her. I am the mother of an only child, but not by choice.

I was an only ( and very lonely) child. My father was an only child. My grandmother (his mother) was an only child (by my great-grandmother's choice - more kids would have cramped her lifestyle of parties and card-playing, and no, I am not joking about great grandma.)

I was so lonely as an only child in childhood that I was determined to have two children (I personally only wanted two.) I tried and tried until it was obvious that it wasn't going to happen. I have had three surgeries for endometriosis and have now undergone menopause in three months between April and June of this year at the age of 42.

When people ask me why we only have one, the story about the four miscarriages usually stops any rudeness and judgment people have towards us as parents of an only child.
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I have only one now would like more but don't know if I will be able to have a 2nd. As for your Biz I think you would make more if you include everyone just you could do a little more of the only child thing.
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I have an ONLY, but I'm still one the fence about a 2nd, dh say's NO, but I kinda want one.

My cousin has an only and so do 2 of my best friends and 2 of my aquaintances. Not so uncommon for me either I guess.

Oh, BTW, My MOM was an only, and so was my Grandma. ( I'm not, I have a sister)
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I always tell my daughter that she's "Mommy's best girl!" That would be a great T-shirt, I would even work for families that have only one daughter.
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Our daughter is an only child, and two of her good friends are only children, too. I have half a dozen friends who have one child. On our street, there are three families with children; two with onlies and one family with two children.

Maybe there are more onlies in the urban areas:

Today, according to the 2003 Current Population Survey, single-child families outnumber two-child families (20 percent versus 18 percent), and social scientists tentatively predict that the number of onlies will keep growing, bringing the national average number of children per family down below 2.1. In Manhattan, more than 30 percent of New York City women over 40 have only one child, and over 30 percent of all families are single-child families, according to data compiled by Rutgers University.

Only Children in New York
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Just one here...
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