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What to do with blueberries

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I have some blueberries that I used to make fruit salad and then froze the rest. What are some things I can do with them, other than blueberry pie?

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Smoothies! With yogurt and a touch of sugar. Even better, with ice cream!!! Very healthy antioxidant! My husband would be jealous!
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Blueberry muffins
Blueberry pancakes
Mix frozen blue blueberry with cottage cheese, cimmanon, and almond.
Blueberry jam
blueberry crisp
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blueberries on your cereal
blueberry pancakes

there are fantastically good for you so any way you eat them eat lots and enjoy them

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Smoothies.Take and put them in the blender maybe 1/4 cup and 1 banana and then cover them half way up with oj and the rest water and blend.So good.I use the same recipe for any fruit and make smooties.I use a magic bullet so I don't know if you would want this much liquid or more.Mess around with it and see.

You can have a bowl of ice cream and top it with blueberries.How about making a blueberry shortcake like strawberry shortcake?
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Carrie, I have a great recipe for a cake that uses blueberries and apples as its main feature. It's easy and yummy and makes a good breakfast, too.

You can find it at this link in the desserts forum. I moved it over from the old board.
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Thanks girls. These are fantastic suggestions. I especially like the smoothie idea. Kemtee, I love the cake recipe--must try it!

Keep 'em coming!
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