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Meat bundles

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Does anyone buy their meat in the meat bundles? Fareway offers it and most butchers do as well. Most places have bundles starting at $50 and then go up from there. It's the better buy in the long run for us. We usually do it when we get money for Christmas or one of us has overtime on a paycheck.
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I have never bought meat in a bundle. But I am considering buying a case of hamburger from Sam's club. I know Walmarts hamburger and I am sure Sam's Club hamburger is kinda funky. I talked to the butcher at Sam's, one case of hamburger is roughy 80 pounds. At the time that I was there, it cost $1.41 per pound, so it would be about $112.00 for 80 pounds of meat. I know that I spend that much in probably 3-4 months at the grocery store. The price at that time was way (.25-.50) lower than my grocery store has been for months. The butcher says the price does vary usually only by about .01-.05. It was packaged up in five pound bundles, so it would be a little work getting it home and breaking it down into smaller portions, but it always is.
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I'm really thinking about doing it this year - my family didn't buy a pig from the county fair, so I might buy a 100lb bundle from the local butcher shop - it breaks down to ~$2.30 a lb for all cuts - chops, ribs, smoked hams, smoked bacon etc. It tastes 100 times better than the store pork - and I know it's local pigs.

Our red meat comes from deer - which season is right around the corner. We have about 20lbs left - about 5lbs burger, 5lbs steaks and the rest roasts. I'm going to be doing the processing so that saves $50, and I might see if I can get some other folks to let me do the processing for theirs - make $50 a pop. I have all the necessary equipment (knives, meat grinder, wrap, etc). One deer gives about 50lbs of meat, and a tag here costs $15.
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