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Crying before preschooling

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My daughter is crying and carrying on horrible when I take her to preschool. As soon as I turn to go into the parking lot, she starts crying and holding onto me for dear life. She screams and cries when I leave... but after a while, the teacher says that she is fine. Is there any way to get her to not have such a fit when I drop her off??
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I placed my dd 4 (4 in Aug.) in pre-k 4 and she did the same thing to us. The difference is that she was not fine the rest of the day. It was only 8-12 Mon.-Fri. so I thought she would be fine....apparently I was wrong.
After 3 weeks of it getting worse and worse I took her out.

I'm not saying this is the best thing for your child at all. My daughter would wake up screaming in the middle of the night, having anxiety all day about having to go back and not wanting to leave me at all. To me it was not worth it.

She was not ready and she was too scared of the other kids. That is kind of my fault for not having her in any playgroups.
I have signed her up for ballet now and maybe we will try again next year.

Good luck....I feel for you.
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Last year our daughter was that way about dance. I finally ended up withdrawing her as I decided it just wasn't worth it, though we did try one more time about half way through the year. This year, when pre-school started, I was nervous and I ended up enrolling her one morning a week in the daycare where her pre-school is - it went a lot better. She just needed that extra year. Now I can't get her in dance because the class is too full!
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She goes Tues, Wed, Thurs from 9:15-11:30. They say that as soon as I leave the building, and the one teacher, sits down with her and they start playing, shes fine. I just hate the fact that she is crying and screaming when we get into the parking lot and going into the school.

I would hate to take her out, so that she gets used to avoiding places, like school. I have learnt that because I've suffered from Panic attack disorder. So just not sure what the best thing to do is, hubby says give it a while longer.
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My daughter did this occasionally when I would drop her off at pre-school when she was 4. Her teachers said that she was fine 5 minutes after I dropped her off. My daughter can be pretty emotional and "I think" was just doing it for attention. I just stuck to my guns because I knew that she needed the socialization skills in preparation for kindergarten. She just started kindergarten a few weeks ago and is doing great---no crying at all . Best of luck to you and your situation!
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I am kind of in the same boat right dd started two day a week preschool (2 1/2 hours each day) and she cries and is terrified to go EVERY DAY. I am actually thinking of pulling her out, I don't think she's ready. The preschool at our church has two years (one three year old class and one 4 year old class) she is in the 3 year old class and she's only 3 1/2, so I am not going to push it too much on her this year. I am seriously thinking we need to take her out until at least next year.
Her teacher is a very nice woman and there are two teachers aides in the classroom- they keep the kids busy and it's tons of fun, but I just don't think she's ready emotionally. I think in our situation we made a bad decision by starting her this year- especially with her health stuff that we're all dealing with still...
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She could just be trying to figure out if you are giving in or not!!
If I were you Id give it another couple of weeks mostly cause she is fine after you are gone!!
Last year in
Prek my dd did this too!! she did this for agood week!! (very unusual for her too)
and she also had been there the year before!! they all gothru phases and also I found out dd was worried cause she didnt want me alone!! I had to make sure she knew I was ok!!
I would tell her to have fun while I got my cleaning done then soI had more time for her when I picked her up!! that seemed to help!!

anyhow you know your child best!! soo good luck in your dec!!!
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I think I am going to give it another week or so. I mean when I come to pick her up, she always seems happy. The teacher said that I should tell her that I am leaving, and just give her a kiss. I kissed her today and she just flipped out. I am thinking of maybe just sneaking out and seeing how that goes. Also she's never been away from me except at my moms house for a couple minutes for me to run to the store. So I think that may be the problem too.. We'll see how tomorrow goes.
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Its up tp you but I have been told and I do believe its better not to sneak out!! they may get upset but they could get worried later if they do not know you left!! just a thought!!!
good luck!!
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another thing I have learned is to let her know when you are coming back!!
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