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Brainstorming Idea - Opening a Consignment Shop

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I've been toying with the idea of opening a consignment shop. We have only one out here and they seem to be really busy, plus I've been doing it for the kids clothes this year and think I would really enjoy the business plus the people. I thinking a shop for baby & children equipment, clothes for newborn up to around 12, maternity as well as return to work mom's. Mom's that have been home but are returning to work. I was a personal shopper at Macy's years ago and LOVED it.

I was thinking of kinda feeling it out in my home first. Then move to a shop. My other ideas are, mom's night out, when mom's can come and shop later hours without kids. possiblity a delivery service, since some people don't have larger vehichles for cribs and such.

Also, would offer the option iif it didn't sell to sell on ebay for the client.

I just don't know how to get started on the research for both the business plus the children's equipment for safety.

This has been on my mind alot, since were we live, you don't make alot of money on garage sale stuff, and some of the developments out here, don't want to have yard sales, I would love to consign that kinda stuff.

I don't know what will come of it, but toying with the idea.!!! Feedback!!!
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In our area, some moms got together and started a quarterly consignment sale. They compiled an e-mail list and sent it to people who were interested in selling. The consigners prepare the items and tag them then drop them off at assigned times. The consignment organizer arranges the sale space (a rented warehouse), display racks and advertising. They also handle all the money, credit card transactions, sales tax (in our state even used items are charged sales tax), etc. After the sale, the consigners have to pick up whatever wasn't sold or the items are donated to charity. The consignment organizers take their cut of the action and send a check to the consigners for their portion.

Here are a couple of websites: Home

Boise's Premiere Children's Consignment Sale

A program like this might get you started then when you increase your business contacts, you can open a store front.
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This has also been on my mind too. In fact, my brother has offered to give me the money to start something and I can just pay him back. Another idea I had was I do alot of M2M stuff as well, and I would LOVE to have a space in my shop for people to show off and sell thier M2M stuff, such as bows, socks, bling, jewelry, or whatever. I also had an idea of putting stuff on ebay for people as well, like you. I like your other ideas too!
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Hi! I think you should run a shop if you find out all the pros and cons. There are two thrift stores here where I live and they are quite busy mid week through the weekends. I can tell you for sure that if you have good store hours on a Friday and Saturday, you should be able to do real well. But if that doesn't pan out, you can do the Ebay thing or travel to flea markets selling your items. My aunt and uncle did that with antiques for several years until they got tired of it. I wish you good luck!!!
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That sounds like a great idea! I love to shop
at consignment shops because you get a
"slightly used" item for a good price, where
sometimes at a thrift store the items are
just worn out. (Though I do love thrift stores too)

Good luck!
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