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did u have to have blood tests before getting married

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just wondering, did anyone here have to have a blood test before they got married? we didn't. but my parents said when they were young that you had to get one done to make sure you weren't closely related at all. now you don;t have to get one. i know in some areas you can marry your brother or sister (icky) if you get blood tests done adn get tested to make sure your child will not have development issues, or birth defects caused by the close relation. i couldn't imagine marrying my brother if i had one, that is just a little creepy for me.
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I vaguely remember that when my dh and I got married in 1990, we had to get a blood test in Alabama. I have no idea if it's still a requirement in this state.
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When I got married I didn't have to get a blood test because I had my shot records. Somehow my childhood doctor still had them in the basement all but my shot records were burned up. So they faxed them to the health department and TA-DAH! Oddly enough my sister was engaged (we werent aware of the fact that the POS was beating her they are no longer together thank god) and the doctors office burnt down.
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We had to get them in 1998 in Georgia. It was not due to marrying a relative as much as AIDS/HIV as I recall.
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No, we didn't have them done, nor did we have to. And I'm pretty sure it's illegal to marry your brother or sister, bloodwork or not (previous post). That doesn't seem plausible/legal.
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Married in NC in 1996 and didn't have to have one.
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We did in 2003 in Massachusetts.
It was just to see if you had syphillis so it wouldn't be spread to your partner. Talk about ridiculous since most people have sex BEFORE marriage!
I think a year after we got married they stopped making you get blood tests to get married, finally some politician figured out it was dumb!
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I had to before I married in 87. When I married in 90, they just handed me a flier on HIV/AIDS and called it a day. I don't buy that brother/sister stuff. But it's legal to marry first cousins in some areas. My aunt & uncle were cousins (arranged marriage).
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1st marriage (IL) 1987, yes?? (can't remember really!!)
2nd marriage (FL) 1994, no - married by notary public/family member...
3rd marriage (Puerto Rico) 2002, yes! Not sure why, just thought it was the law there.
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I was married in 1997 in Pa and we did not need a blood test.
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