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Aldi Price Comparison

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I did a price comparison on Aldi prices with other grocery stores. Some of you might find it interesting!
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i wish someone would have done that article and comparison chart for me years ago. i never would shop there a friend always shopped there and when money got real tight i tried it and now i buy alot of my staples there and the majority of the rest at walmart and hy-vee(an area chain). luckily they are all right on the same street so i don't have to drive out of the way.

i think if you have one and have not tried it you should check it out or if its been along time since you have tried it give it another try it is definately a money saver... thanks good article!
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Great article Kim! I can see why you get published so much. You explain everything so clearly and interestingly. I need to get to Aldi's more. I forget about it sometimes as it's not become a habit for me.
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They have really improved their selections, they have many more products to choose from that I probably could get everything there if I really tried.

It really does save money shopping there.
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Told you you would like it Great article!
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Awesome article!! And it's so true!! When I to do a re-stock of staples, I always go there first, and then hit Kroger, if needed, for anything else (usually fresh produce).
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great article Kim! Gotta love Aldi!
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I'm glad that comparison works out in your area, our aldi is more expensive than my local meijer on nearly everything you mentioned, AND I can use my coupons there.
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Sav A Lots are great too They have more name brands as well. Don't forget about Angel Foods they offer boxes of food dirt cheap.

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Great article!
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