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Has anyone ever priced Aldi compared to the commissary? We just found out we're moving next year and there is an Aldi close to the post. Worth it or not?
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ten cents hear ten cents here adds up! Aldis was my number 1 store for can goods and froozen food...I get the circulars from the whole week lay them out and make my list of what to get and where to get it from... Dont stray from the list!!!!!
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Great article; thanks for taking the time to do this. I'm glad I started going to my Aldi's - saving $$ and not having any problems with the food at all! The kids who are die-hard pop tart fans, love the aldi's brand pop tarts!
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Does anyone keep a price comparison chart/list for the stores they most frequently go to? I just spent part of my afternoon typing up every item I could think of that we buy and listed the stores we shop at so I can fill in theprices as I shop at each store.

If anyone does this, do they find it helps?
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Well written article, but it depressed me! I had never even heard of Aldi's until I found mommysavers. The only Walmart around here is 45 minutes away and has no grocery section. The prices of both Aldi's and Walmart were much better than what I pay here, except for milk, interestingly enough.

Does anyone know if, on the west coast, stores like Pac N Save, Food Maxx, or WinCo would be comparable to Aldi's? My parents live 3 hours away, but they have those stores. My dad is always saying, "Bring an ice chest when you visit, and load up (at those stores)." Maybe he's got it right!
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SCMom, could you have your dad pick up a few local supermarket ads and mail them to you? That way you could see what their prices are out there. If they are good enough, it would benefit just to get staples at least - or a bunch of meat to stock up on - and then just fill in the holes back at home. I hope you get an Aldi's nearby soon - they seem to be building new stores, though slowly.
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Thanks for the suggestion. It got me thinking that perhaps those stores have their weekly ads online, so I checked. I was able to sign up to receive the specials and coupons from one of them, so at least I can compare with that one. Heck, if I asked my parents to buy stuff in bulk when it's on ad there, they'd freeze it for me until my next visit.

I appreciate your suggestion as it spurred me on to further research! I also hope some sort of discount grocery chain moves closer to me.
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I don't really shop Aldi anymore. Most of their prices aren't compatable with Wal-Mart and most grocery stores. I mean one can of veggies I opened (from Aldi) had a dead ladybug in it. A bag of sugar is as much as Wal-Mart. The only thing I go there for is their fresh fruits and veggies and whipped mayo. Most everything else is the same price as everywhere else. I've just really been disappointed with them lately. And it's always crowded and they only have one cashier with a line backed down the aisles.
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Thanks for the great chart. I was thinking about applying for the aldi district manager job. Does anyone know what it's like to work at aldi? I found the information on the aldi careers site. I love shopping at aldi I just wonder if I'd like to work there too.
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To you girls who have an aldi's - please tell them that we want one here in TEXAS!!! It sounds like such a neat store!
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