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Keeping lunch hot

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How do you keep food hot for school/preschool lunches? does wrapping in foil keep things like hot dog or pizza hot?????
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I have never sent anything hot with my dd's. I always pack them a cold lunch for the day. Sorry I can't help you.
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I send Mac n Cheese a LOT for my dd I just put it in a thermos like this!
Thermos : Product : Princess FUNtainerâ„¢ Food Jar 2322PR
I dont know if Pizza or hotdogs (unless you cut them up) would work!! maybe a longer one???
I also send Soup a lot with her too!!! she says it stays pretty warm for her!!
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You can put a hot dog in a thermos. I don't know of any way to keep pizza hot, but my kids like it cold. You can put lots of things into a thermos.

But my kids won't eat anything I send hot. They always eat cold stuff.
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Isn't it better to send most things cold, like hot dogs and pizza, due to bacteria growth? I simply don't send things that need to be warmed up. Soup in a thermos (or Hot Chocolate) would be my only exception, as the thermos is sealed.
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I've read that most things that need to be kept warm are good until lunchtime if kept in a themos. Heat in the morning - then put in the thermos. The thermos acts as a crock pot of sorts - no need to re-heat.
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Nothing stays piping hot, even when using a thermos. I make my son mac and cheese and even put hot water in the thermos - still cold by lunch time.

If he wants a hot lunch, he buys it.
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If you want to try one of the thermos funtainer they are now 75% off at Target! I picked up one for my son!
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I read an article about what type of stuff you can send it a thermos and I realized it didn't just have to be soups and stuff. They put things like grilled cheese, hot dogs, pizza, burgers, scrambled eggs, leftovers, etc. That's what I do.
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We have a funtainer, and DS says the food is still warm at lunchtime. I do nuke it to HOT, HOT, HOT before I put it in the thermos. As I have said before, I send a lot of supper leftovers for his lunch -- tater tot casserole, rice vegetable cheese smoked sausage casserole, pizza (cut in bite-size pieces), chili, etc. Sometimes, I wish I had two funtainers -- one for casserole and one for veggies!

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