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DD flushed rag down toilet!!

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I'm not sure what to do. My dd (2) flushed a kitchen rag (small cotton one) down the toilet while I was helping older dd with her math homework. The toilet flushed and everything but I'm worried cuz we have had problems in the past with backup so hopefully this will go through and I won't see any problems.

Also, I did hit her hand and put her in a timeout and told her not to do that again . A little while later I took her to the bathroom and explained that only pee-pee and poo-poo and toilet paper go in the toilet and I hope this won't happen again. I hope I did the right thing. Jeez, my older dd never did this kind of stuff.

Well I just hope nothing happens with our sewer cuz we don't own the house, my dad does and he would be too cheap to fix anything even though he has more than enough money. I know if we do have problems we'll have to pay to get it fixed right and we can't afford that right now.

Pray for me ladies... Dear God, please don't let poop back up in Montse's toilets.

do you think that's appropriate
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Hey...the Bible says whatever we ask....He'll answer...LOL!! As silly as your post may sound to some, I know how serious it really is to know that if something happens you won't have the money to fix it. I'm praying!!
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Thanks I guess it does sound kinda silly, that's cuz although I know this could cause major sewer problems I can't help but laugh at the fact that I can't get the girl to sit and do anything on the toilet but give her a minute alone and she'll find something to flush down it!!
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If it makes you feel better, the other day Marcus flushed a sock down our toilet. I would NEVER have known, except I overheard him telling his big brother. He said he was curious what would happen. I too kept waiting for the toilet to overflow. Since the other two bathrooms are out of commission (still not fixed from our water damage incident 2 months ago) I about died thinking we would have NO bathrooms working in our house.

I pray for no poop in Montse's house (other than appropriate places)!!!
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I am praying for no flooded toilets at your house! Unfortunetely, though its too late for mine! DD tried to flush her clothes down the toilet this evening! Luckily they didnt go down but they got stuck and the toilet overflowed. Not only that but she had gone #2 before she put the clothes in the toilet so I got to clean up that as well. Its funny how it can take a child all of one second to do something they know they shouldnt do!
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hope the rag makes it thru the pipes with no clog....
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Hey...MOMMY has accidently flushed underwear down the toilet when potty training accidents occurred. And, at WalMart one time, ds accidently dropped some in the toilet....and that auto sucker..well, it sucked them right away. He was hysterical..and quite honestly, scared to sit on those anymore..thought they might suck little boys next!! I say if you haven't had any problems yet, you are probably safe!! And you have a very funny story to keep for when he is big and easily embarrassed!!!
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Originally Posted by Cheesecake Lady View Post

I pray for no poop in Montse's house (other than appropriate places)!!!

ROFLMAO!!!!! This is too funny thanks!! :D
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I too have flushed a pair of undies! Looking back it was quite comical! I was swishing ds's Bob the Builder undies in the toilet because he pooped in them. He was standing there while I was doing it and dh was also in the bathroom (brushing his teeth I think). So I went to flush with one had while holding the undies with the other and the force took them right out of my hand. Ds's eyes got as big as saucers and started crying hysterically because "Bob was gone". Dh was just as shocked and I was horrified because all I could think of was the impending plumber bill (our house is 90 years old with original plumbing so we see the plumber quite a bit) ! So out of sheer desperation I put my hand down the toilet and out of sight, I could feel the elastic band. So I reached a little further and was able to grab it and pull it out. Disgusting - YES! But I saved us about $150. Then I proceeded to wash my hands in hot, hot water for about 15 minutes!
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I think this is what I call the Second Child Syndrome (SCS). My DS#1 never did anything like this, but my DS#2, has put so many things down the drain, it's scary. One time he put his toy hot wheels cars down the toilet, and flushed it. There was about 5 of them I was able to get out. One time it was those small balls that come with every toy. One time it was his pull-ups because he was a big boy then (at 2). One time it was his underwear because he pooped in it. And all this happened from when he was about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2. Luckily it has never overflowed.
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