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Little black biting bugs!

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I went to hang out a load of laundry and I kept getting bitten by these little bitty black bugs. They are smaller then a gnat, and boy do they hurt! It almost feels like your getting stung and the pain lingers after you kill the little buggers too. I love fall colors but I am really not liking the attack of the 6 legged creatures, between those, boxelders and lady bugs we can barley go outside. By the way, does anyone know what these little things are?
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We always call them noseeums. (as in NO SEE UM's because the are so small you can hardly see them!) I don't know what their official name is, but I sure do know what they are and I hate them!!!! Luckily, I haven't run into any yet this year.
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could they be fleas? we had them this year for the first time and I was a costly hassle to get rid of them..
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I know exactly what you're talking about! Here in SC they are called black flies (don't know why) and when I lived in Maine, we called them "Flying Teeth"! I don't know what they are, but they are horrible here. DH gets them in the corners of his eyes when he's outside. I usually inhale a couple in addition to getting bit.
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I wonder if it's what we New Yorkers called sweat bees? I was mentioning them to my dh last week how I'm so glad we don't have them. They just love heat and humidity.

Aren't noseeums chiggers?
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I hate these as well - Bug spray doesn't work on em either.
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Originally Posted by TommysMommy View Post

we called them "Flying Teeth"!

That's the perfect name for these little suckers. I got bit three times up the inside of my pant leg at a birthday party, one on my ankle, one in the inner crease of my knee, and one on my thigh. They felt like bee stings, immediately (like before I could even get through the house to the bathroom) welted up into the size of a quarter and got burning red hot, pain shooting through my leg. For a whole week, my whole leg was super sore, I couldn't bend my knee without being in extreme pain and the welts had hardened and were extremely sensitive to the touch (but they itched like mad!). I don't know if I had an allergic reaction to them or what, but it was not a party. I'd never gotten bit by those before, but that's what they were b'c DH got bit by one and saw it right after it bit him, and then the bday boy's grandfather confirmed he'd been bit by them the week prior (in the same spot outside the house). I was so paranoid DS would get bit I was having DH follow him everywhere and then did a full look-over to see if he had any bites on him once we got home.
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With that kind of reaction, I'd make a call in to the Dr. office and see if it sounds like an allergy - an EpiPen may be in order, or just keep some Benadryl - drinkable and topical on hand.
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They are called insidious flower bugs (what a name, I know!), or sometimes minute pirate bugs. Read this publication from Purdue University.
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