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Burger King birthday parties????

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My DS who is 6 was invited to a BK birthday party for a 7 year old. I did not know they still did them. I had a few there when I was a kid. Around here parties tend to be held at home, Michael's craft supplies, pottery places, sports center etc. I was kind of surprised just with all of the bad wrap fast food places get. Has anyone had or gone to one recently? TIA!!!
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We don't have a BK around here, but McDonalds still does a mean birthday business.
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Thanks for the info!!!
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We have a McDonalds and a Burger King in our town. Most people pick McDonalds for their parties so the kids can play in the filthy play area. creeps me out.
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Ohhhhhh.... The lovely play area!!! The MCD's in our town had a fire and is closed. One day I took the kids to one in the town next to us and I forgot about the play area. The ball pit just grossed me out. I just kept praying that the kids did not come down with anything bad after the visit!!!
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Give them some of that kids Airborne stuff. It builds thier immunities if they are going to be around cooties. Also send them with hand sanitizer...(and a hazmat
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My dd has never been to a Burger King birthday party. She's been to one McDonald's birthday party and several Chik-Fil-A birthday parties (the Chik-Fil-A in our town has a great indoor playground that they keep very clean).
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The only fast food place with a play area in town is BK. My son wanted to have his birthday party there and we did it. It was easy. Also, I just brought in a cake, bought the kids dinner and it was done. You didn't have to buy their packaged birthday party stuff which saved a bundle.

The playground does bother me, too. We don't go there during cold and flu season at all. I took a big bottle of hand sanitizer and made everybody use it before eating and before leaving. You don't want them to live in a bubble completely!
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Our Mcdonald's was redone last year. It has a new play area with no balls at all. It looks kind of like a tree house with a wall climber and everything. It is a lot better than what they had before.
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