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FREE $100 worth of 'Focus on the Family' stuff

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Passing this on...

Focus on the Family (a religion based org.) will send you up to $100 of FREE 'resources'
just look through their stuff and put up to $100 of stuff in your 'cart' and then proceed to check out
they have Narnia stuff and i even found Homeschooling on a Shoestring; a book i was actually wanting to get

you have to put in your address (of course) and your e-mail, but no one i have talked to has has any 'spam' sent to either ( least)
plus, if it does happen, you can always just trash it....

i *just* did it but it says it takes 7-10 days to get the stuff in the mail

have fun !
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didn't see anythng that says that will give you the stuff free? also what about shipping. I'm going to go ahead and try it and see what happens at the end.

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Sounded like a great deal, but I do not see how it is free.
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I googled it, thought there might be more info out there on it. I found some less than happy sites out there explaining how to get the stuff free.

Its true it can be had for free, I don't know how they can afford to give the stuff away, seems like they should be using the money on other things rather than spending to ship stuff out to people for free.

Theres probably people getting the stuff and selling it on ebay and who knows what other ways to abuse it as well.

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WOW! Thanks Ember
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I tried this and it asked me for my donation amount. If I don't donate to them I feel like I'm stealing..... unless you can donate later. Does anyone know?
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you can donate any time
they offer it available for free so the people who can't afford it are still able to get it

when you go to checkout just put 0.00 in the 'other donation amount' and it'll verify that and you can continue. I just odered a book i've been trying to get for awhile. i couldn't imagine using $100 though just because i *could*
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They have some VeggieTales dvds as well as some other stuff. Great site!!
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They do it to Gods word out:D
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My kids like the Adventures in Odyssey dvds..
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