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How much do you spend on Christmas gifts?

Poll Results: How much do you spend on Christmas gifts?

  • 18% (17)
    Less than $300
  • 35% (33)
  • 22% (21)
  • 13% (12)
  • 4% (4)
  • 1% (1)
  • 4% (4)
92 Total Votes  
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How much do you spend on all the Christmas gifts you have to buy? Do you ever feel pressure to spend more than you can afford?
ETA: This is a household total - not just what you personally spend. Add in what your dh and kids spend (if they're old enough to purchase gifts) as well.
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Ouch! $1,500 is a lot! On our four kids and several nieces, nephews, cousins, and kids of friends (13 total), we spend around $650. The majority is on our kids - $500 budgeted for them and then $10 max on all other kids. And grandparents get something too but normally it's something our kids make for them. I think we'll do a photo calendar for them this year and let the kids color/decorate each page.
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I included not just what I spend, but also what dh spends on me. My dh usually buys me nice things. Plus we buy for everyone on both sides of the families, but then our families are small.
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well this year i have done great so far and found gifts at some rock botton prices and i had a few credits so far for the 19 people i have done i have spent 150.00 i have some bought for my kids a total of 50 bucks for 3 gifts each. so i put 300 plus because i think i can finish the kids plus my last 5 people for a grand total of 350. its been alot of work and time finding really nice gifts at rock bottom prices but i like giving nice things so if thats what i have to do then thats what i will do. i buy for 28 people(that includes my 3 kids).
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To tell you the truth, I have no idea!! I gave a guestimate. I buy things all year round and I don't have a specific budget. I probably don't want to know the total
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My vote also includes what Brian buys for me as well. And he's usually very generous at Christmas. I also included what we spend when each of the kids pick an "ornament" from the Giving Tree at their school. We spend too much, and we're cutting back a lot this year........I hope.
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We have 12 people to buy for and spend $25 each or less including tax so our total budget is $300.

it doesn't seam like much I know but my whole life my parents have been really good at focusing on the day and not so much the gifts. (Not that there is anything wrong with people having big budgets). Since I was 11 my Dad has been working with the homeless and on Christmas afternoon we go down and make a big Christmas meal for them. When we pass our their gifts (a hat and a pair of gloves each, a small toy for the kids) it's humbling to think we even spent $25 on each other. Dh and I don't give each other a gift at Christmas. Our goal is to decide together to have a special date night later in the year and go to a concert or a play or something. Living in India for 5 years made us really non consumerist. Our whole family loves Christmas. Can you tell by my count down, but it's never about the gifts. It's often about the food but never about the gifts.
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I made my vote a bit on the high side, mainly because I know we will be buying some big ticket items this year.
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Our budget per person goes buy relation ship
Neices and nephews around $50
Parents and sibs around $30
Eachother $75
DD we spoil so around $200
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Easily under 300 dollars every year. Not much money to spare so you have to be careful.
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